An expression I coined to describe the knowledge and skills that are inherited not only by individuals and families but by entire cultures that once lost are hard to regain, and even if they are, it will not be the same–something will inevitably be lost. This creates a problem for us when we lose freedoms even if we regain them. Examples include guns and gun safety, food production, healthy habits and home remedies, general education, and even our understanding of rights themselves such as the way Ron Paul tapped into our Heirloom Wisdom of the American Experiment & our Classical Liberal tradition. This wisdom is an essential part of our culture, our competence and our confidence. Once they are lost they may only be inadequately regained through reading and trial by error. This problem is manifesting itself now more than ever as so many of us want to recapture our American legacy of autonomy including growing and preserving food. Thank God for Lanni of but still, what has the world come to when the granddaughter of Pennsylvania Dutch farmers needs to take a workshop on how to make SAUERKRAUT!!

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You are so right! It’s my mission to regain this knowledge and share it with as many free, open minded people as possible. Every little bit I learn is empowering.
It bring me comfort to know that you are now able to make your own kraut if and when you need to. Even in your modern CA digs. 😉

Hi Monica I was wondering if you could go into detail about the 60s cultural revolution and what the hippies really stood for, is it true that the CIA created that movment? I find it hard to believe they did like some in the conspiracy space believe because the CIA was helping war efforts in Vietnam, so why would they want an antiwar movment?


I think it was. I haven’t fully formed my thoughts on this, but I dont think they really meant to win in Viet Nam and in any case, they defo exploited it to create the conflict necessary for the cultural revolution which separated parents from children, past from present, our American legacy of independence and liberty from the values of the next generation. They swept away everything based on some things that were bad & replaced it with nothing…we’re going through phase two of that cultural revolution now i think….but yes…it’s hard to get my mind around for sure

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