Heeeeere’s Hillary……….


…showing contempt for a student in Africa whose question failed┬áto acknowledge her greatness. (h/t Kurt Wallace&100percentfedup.com)

…giggling manically over killing a foreign leader–one who, like him or not, delivered the highest standard of living in Africa & whose death resulted in the total devastation of Libya.

…inaugurating the new Council on Foreign Relations office – so she doesn’t “have to go so far be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future”…

…SOLEMNLY swearing????

…losing it in the Congressional hearing on Benghazi (start at 1:22)

For an in depth look at Bill’s corruption while governor of Arkansas, watch this fascinating documentary…


  1. hugh says:

    I had an image of the Hildabeast come to mind. Just deserts would be the Hildabeast displayed in a cage at a carnival freak show, wearing only as much clothing as we could bear suffer to view.

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