Clearly the officer shot the driver, who later died. The officer claims to have fired the gun accidentally and that was ultimately the finding, but he sure didn’t do the guy any favors by not telling anyone he shot him. But I also think it’s worth debating whether a high speed chase of a drunk driver is in the interest of the public safety. Get the license plate and let him go rather than get everyone killed. Check out this horrible outcome from a drunk driver being chased by police…

Six killed after high-speed police chase ends in crash in League City

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Two things here.
Police today are not what they were 30-40 years ago. Many departments do not hire anyone with an IQ above 130. Also to add in the mix is the fact that many first time rookies are not military vets. Cops today do not (for the most part) exercise onsite individual discretion. I remember being pulled over with a joint and beer in the back and the police officer made me dump it and then proceeded to threaten me to within inches of my young life. In the bigger picture I see this as a symptom of a police state.
Police today are militarized largly due to a corrupt and violent society.
Add all this together and you have a 2 pound trigger waiting to be pulled.
A symptom of a police state.

Hard to believe or understand how someone could get away with this. Even if you bought the story that it was an accident (extreme incompetence), the shooter would still be liable under any circumstances, especially law enforcement, for not saying anything. Pretty sick the victim was being told he wasn’t shot before he died.

I think from now on when the police get all preachy about people not having respect for them, we should just send them that. If things get worse people will start to leave the USA for freer shore,…oh, wait, no, there’s a wall.

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