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The bad news is I am once again getting preempted by football; the good news is, I’ve got a podcast for ya. Of course the best part of the show for me is the calls, but this’ll have to do for now. For future shows during football season, check back here for the schedule or go to, or you can sign up for my blog (right hand column of this page on the full website) and you’ll get an email with scheduling info when available.
The Monica Perez Show: RNC Podcast


  1. valenteusa says:

    This was a very good, and educational podcast Monica! So the neoconservative base has buzz words? I’ve often wondered why people utter phrases such as the term “American exceptionalism.” As politically astute as I am, I still don’t use that phrase.
    You also covered something that I’ve included in a future article of mine in regards to Irving Kristol stating Americans will vote for one of the 2 parties no matter how far we change the ideology. I cover this in my 2nd edition of “Defeating Neoconservatism” which I’ll post later this week. The Ron Paul RNC post, I’ll post tomorrow morning on my website. I hope you check it out!
    One thing I can tell you I wrote in there is that unlike Ron Paul says, I do not want to become the base of the GOP. I’m promoting independent educated voting vs blindly voting based off colors, letters, and animal symbols. What say you my fair lady? (P.S. I wish your podcast was longer.)

    1. Monica Perez says:

      Personally, I am with you and not Ron Paul when it comes to staying within the Party. Ron Paul did get a bigger platform that way and I respect his choice, and of course he’s accomplished more than I ever would have dreamed for him; unfortunately, the next step within the Party is to do what Rand is doing, which is compromising in order to get something done. What was that expression, you can either make a difference or make a point but you can’t do both? (Unless you’re Ron Paul of course!) Rand is opting to make a difference rather than a point and I respect that as well, but for me, I don’t have hope for liberty to emerge within this system so I wouldn’t waste my time trying. I could be wrong, and maybe my vision of a free society is not humanly possible. Perhaps instead the story of human civilization is destined forever to be the constant shifting of power bases and the only sensible thing is to try to throw your weight behind the least bad one–we just can’t know for sure. Relevant to that view, check out the Iron Law of Oligarchy. It’s pretty interesting–and quite damning for democracy.
      I’m really looking forward to your article. The more I learn about neo-conservatism and the deliberate transformation of the Republican Party from above, the more amazed I am that there is so little awareness of it among the rank and file.
      (As for the podcast, I will try to do them more regularly so if you want more you can have it! Thanks for listening and for taking the time to comment!)

      1. valenteusa says:

        Thank you and you’re welcome Monica. It is my pleasure to comment here directly, especially since twitter only allows for only 140 characters. LOL! Hey, did you get a.chance to read the article yet? I see that you linked directly to it within my original comment. Thanks a million for that.
        Yeah, you’re right about Rand. He’s going the route of compromise, much different than the great legacy his father will leave behind. I will check out that “Law of Iron Oligarchy” link too. I’m always up for a goods educational read. I know mankind has the ability to live without constantly controlling others, but human nature is an ugly flaw for all of us to overcome in different aspects. The lazy, weak minded, wicked, greedy, and corrupt make fascism, socialism, communism, and overall, all out totalitarian based societies possible. Those are all the essential ingredients for it. George Orwell’s book, “Animal Farm” is a perfect representation of what we live under now, as well as “1984.”
        My most recent post on Ron Paul being ‘celebrated’ at the convention is my small concerted effort in calling for a rally of the voices and faces of Liberty to stand up together and defeat tyrants locally, statewide, and nationally. I agree with Rand when he was campaigning for senate, stating Washington D.C. (the system) is broken, and Americans know the truth.” Be that as it may, just like the characters in Animal Farm, they forget easily, election after election and go back to their everyday complacent lives. Defeating them by educating others like Paul has been doing x10, and we can’t lose.
        Oh, and yes, I’d definitely like more podcasts. I listen to your show weekly. The level of discourse is quite healthy and respectful. 🙂

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