271EBB3700000578-3017244-Clip_Andreas_Lubitz_is_seen_in_the_footage_laughing_and_smiling_-a-1_1427698001128I looked at the newspaper with horror: another commercial airplane crash. That makes five in one year. Is air travel becoming less safe? Is something sinister afoot that we are not being told about? What’s going on? Then the news: the co-pilot crashed the plane himself in an act of suicide that took 149 innocent people with him. Oh my God. That’s inhuman. Are they sure? They must be. He had his hands on the controls and he drove that plane into the ground. So awful. Nothing to think about, nothing to talk about, just sad, really sad. What’s that, Wolf? The plane was on autopilot? The autopilot crashed the plane into the mountain? So how can they be absolutely positive it was a mass-murder-suicide? Slow down!

But they didn’t slow down, they sped up, and Andreas Lubitz will go down in history as a selfish, heartless mass-murderer. Is he? We will never know for sure because the powers that be made up their minds that this was the story before actually conducting an investigation. Because of this bad faith, I’m going to deny them the benefit of the doubt in all unanswered questions and all answers they offer that are not backed up by verifiable evidence.

Who am I to insist on answers? I’m the one paying the bills (and so are you). And I’m not paying the bills to be lied to for the purpose of some power elite agenda, I’m paying the bills so I can understand my risks and ensure my safety. As usual, I’d rather be able to shop around for someone who will actually do the job for me, but I’m stuck with a coercive, monopoly government with the power to tax and to regulate and my only recourse is to try to hold their feet to the fire when they steamroll an investigation and railroad a suspect before all the evidence is in.

What are my doubts about the official narrative? Here are my top ten…

1) Why is the flight data recorder missing? What happened to it? Is there any way to really know what happened without it? If it reappears, can we trust what’s on it now that the chain of custody has been broken? This is enough to blow up this entire story. Flight data recorder memory chips don’t just go missing and without it, the truth will never be known about what happened to this plane.

2) Where are the numerous “witnesses who told the French Air Force they heard an explosion and saw smoke coming out of the doomed Germanwings’ A320 passenger plane shortly before it crashed into the mountains near Digne, southern France?” A French Air Force pilot from the nearest base supported this account by explaining that debris was found upstream from the crash site – which he said confirmed the fact that the piece of fuselage had “been detached from the aircraft before impact.”(h/t JQ)

3) Where are Andreas’ parents, grandparents and fiancee/girlfriend of seven years? None of these people have been heard from at all since the crash. There are no pictures of any of them except for the few mainstream media ones of Andreas on the Internet. His real girlfriend’s full name has not yet been mentioned. The story of their breaking up the day before the crash has never been corroborated. Who are they? Where are they? And when they finally emerge, will they be who they say they are? Will they have the same story as they would have had if they had been allowed to speak before being in custody?

4) Who is Marie W. and is that now her real name? Initial reports were that Marie was not her real name. She said she dated Andreas for five months last year and that he woke up screaming and said he would do something to be remembered by. How could he have dated her for five months last year when he has been living with his fiancee whom he dated for the past seven years?

5) “Official sources” say there was a torn up doctor’s note in Andreas’ trash. What was the doctor’s note for? Doctor’s notes in Germany are very common, often for minor ailments and don’t have the condition written on them. So why are such serious implications drawn from the claim that he had a doctor’s note in his garbage? What is the medical condition the FAA had him monitored for? Is it the same one for which the doctor’s note was written? That would mean he wasn’t hiding anything from his employer. Who treated him for depression? The only place that was named as somewhere he got treatment was University of Dusseldorf Hospital which denies he was being treated for depression there. How long did he take off during training? Lufthansa said it was a several months and that such breaks are common, yet the media is reporting it was 18 months and he was having serious mental issues. Where is the evidence of this? All I have found is “the unnamed mother of a schoolmate.” I would like a single credible witness with a full name such as a person he went to high school with or was in training with–someone who we can look in the eye or see in a picture having beers with Andreas, not unnamed, unsubstantiated “official sources” or less.

Lufthansa was totally bamboozled by a complete psycho? “Germanwings parent Deutsche Lufthansa AG is ‘extremely picky in choosing our pilots,’ Chief Executive Carsten Spohr said Thursday. ‘In our mind, what has happened was simply impossible.’” Mine too. In the nine other incidents of possible pilot suicide the pattern looks nothing like this (list of aircraft accidents caused by pilot suicide) and several of those are highly debatable. Apparently, pilot suicide is not as damaging to an aircraft manufacturer, an airline or a government as other explanations such as mechanical failure or terrorism.

6) What’s the working theory as to why he was suicidal? Hidden mental illness? Break-up with his girlfriend? The desire to be remembered? Career-threatening but imaginary eye condition (not kidding–it’s in the UK Telegraph)? Depression? Burnout? He converted to Islam? Why is the mainstream media all over the map on this? Isn’t anyone verifying this stuff before going to print? How does any of this jibe with named sources describing him as happy, normal, healthy, social? For example, this quote from CNN, “The authorities’ explanation doesn’t ring true for Peter Ruecker, another pilot who knew him from the flight club. ‘Knowing Andreas, this is just inconceivable for me,’ Ruecker told the Reuters news agency.” Is it possible for someone not only suicidal but so psychologically disturbed that he would take out 149 innocent people while continuing to breathe normally to hide such a profound and uncommon mental disorder from everyone who’s ever met him (except the made up girlfriend Marie W.)?

7) Why can a plane’s auto-pilot be set to crash automatically into a mountain without any fail-safe and this BMW won’t let you crash into a cardboard box?

Will the airline or airplane manufacturer get sued for not retrofitting this technology onto planes? Can Airbus autopilots be hacked or set from outside the way the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Auto-pilot on Boeing’s 777 can be? Do they keep it a secret because pilots have refused to fly such planes?

8) Why did Andreas set the plane to autopilot instead of crashing it himself? How could he have maintained normal breathing while the captain was going at the door with an axe? Why not take a nose dive, get the suicide done and toss the captain off the door in one fell swoop?

This is a picture of pilots in the cockpit of the A320. Note the headphones.
This is a picture of pilots in the cockpit of the A320. Note the headphones.

9) Was Andreas even conscious? If not, he could not have kept the captain out of the cockpit (there’s a keypad entry that only someone inside the cockpit could manually override). If he was conscious, how could he have been breathing normally the whole time? If he was that kind of a psycho, how could he have kept that hidden from everyone who ever knew him (except for anonymous slanderers)? And what’s more, Joe Quinn reports, you could not hear breathing on the cockpit voice recorder – that pilots actually wear headphones just to hear each other talking since the noise in there is so loud.

10) Who is investigating this? A regulatory body that has an interest in Airbus? The FBI? Joe Quinn points out that classifying this crash as a crime will remove it from the jurisdiction of the civil aviation safety bureau in France and put it in the hands of “higher” authorities.

This story troubles me not only because I believe something is being covered up or some agenda will be served by the official narrative (or both), but also because one of my greatest concerns about the surveillance state is the potential for the government to destroy anyone it wants for whatever purpose it wishes to serve. They can piece together details of your life — even manufacture ones out of thin air — and create a mosaic of a person nothing like you and you might not be there to defend yourself, and your friends and family may be “held for questioning” until their defense of you will be no more than shouts in the wind. Is this what’s happening to Andreas Lubitz? We will never know the truth.

For my initial reactions to this story, listen to my most recent show here.

Down the Memory Hole:

Germanwings Narrative Morphs Again!

Just for the record…witnesses saw an explosion and smoke before Germanwings plane went down…

French Transport Minister Alain Vidalies said a distress call was issued at 10.47 am when the aircraft was at 5,000 feet and in an “abnormal situation.” The SOS was also reported in the BBC news report found here as well as in this msnbc report, which describes something “quick and catastrophic” happening on the plane. This claim was quickly retracted across media, but for the transport minister of the country where the plane went down to make a claim like this with such specificity lends it credence.


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