Georgia Raids Gone Wild! Podcast of June 28, 2014 Show

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For the interview with the Habersham Sheriff that I referred to on the show, click here.

Hillary on stopping thought crime & framing the issue of gun control as an “us vs us” issue when in reality it is “us vs them”:

Welsey Clark telling how the US provoked an uprising in Iraq only to let Hussein identify and wipe out civil resistance (at c. 3:45, though the whole video is fascinating):

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  1. William Reuter (no relationship to the news service) says:

    Thought crime? Who thought that one up?
    Ohhhhh, now we are going to prosecute THINKERS… so first,
    We need to destroy that statue by Auguste Rodin. Thinking must be RAAAACIST, especially if the thinker is a nude white guy….
    Wait a minute here…
    Wasn’t Hillary Clinton THINKING when she MADE that statement??
    Shouldn’t she arrest herself??
    Convoluted thinking is soooo convoluted…I think.
    Dang! Now Hillary’s got ME doing it. AHHHHHHHHH….. (BANG!)
    I tried to shoot my brains out for thinking…
    but I missed….
    Just because you own a gun in America doesn’t automatically make you:
    a) a good shot.
    b) a criminal.
    c) a responsible gun owner.
    But the people that are trying DESPERATELY to convince you that THEYYY know what is BEST for YOOOU and that guns are BAAAD,
    SECRET SERVICE AGENTS (More than 10 round clips) (Hillary and Bill Clinton), or
    POLICE WITH GUNS, (Mayors of no guns Chicago and New York and elsewhere), or ARMED GUARDS! (Ain’t that right, Jim Carrey?)
    LOL.. by the way, if you go to GOOGLE and type in “JIM CARR”
    GOOGLE AUTOMATICALLY brings up “Jim Carrey hires bodyguards”….
    Wow…all this fun THINKING and it’s only Wednesday. HAND! :0)

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