Georgia Gun Rights Law: Podcast of March 29, 2014 Show

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On the show:
Georgia’s new gun rights law
Poll suggesting Georgians don’t want this law.

The great Suzanna Gratia Hupp tells Congress what guns are for…

Former Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton, Robert Reich, tells the shocking truth about Obamacare…

“the Great Leap Forward” in China killed tens of millions

Rummel’s book on democide

Still not afraid of your government? I forgot to mention that February 28 – April 19 mark the 21st anniversary of the siege at Waco.

My summary / review of one of my oft-cited favorites, Albert Jay Nock’s Our Enemy the State

My summary / review of Irving Kristol’s blueprint to transform the Republican Party for the worse…Neo-Conservatism: Autobiography of an Idea

Harvard Study: More Guns do not equal more crime

John Kerry signs UN Arms Trade Treaty
Even if the UN ATT is not ratified, it provides a blueprint for legislation. George HW Bush signed Agenda 21 which was never ratified, yet Bill Clinton began implementing it with executive orders and legislation throughout the country follows its blueprint.

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