Georgia GOP Primary May 24…

The Georgia GOP primary is coming up…May 24…this primary is probably more important for Georgia than the presidential primary…many local issues are within our control…

Which ones are most important to you?

Should we talk about this on the show this Saturday?

A few i care about are:

Atlanta being on the cutting edge of things like ICLEI Sustainable Cities & UN’s Strong Cities Network…these are Agenda 21-type programs I don’t want my city involved in much less my tax dollars paying for…

I also worry about things I’ve heard in the news recently from police chasing drunk drivers to SWAT raids leading to fatalities…these are not rogue cops, these are policies and protocols they are required to adhere to…our legislators and elected officials are responsible for these and seem to be headed in the wrong direction…

….And…..two of my favorite liberty-loving Georgia activists are on the ballot…to learn more about them, click on their websites…

Derrick Grayson for US Senate

Catherine Bernard for State House Representative District 80

and be sure to LOOK AT YOUR BALLOT AHEAD OF TIME! enter your address here….


  1. bradrad says:

    I think voting would be tempting if there were a NOTA (none of the above) option, where if NOTA gets enough votes, the job is eliminated.

  2. goksrm says:

    Any way to get people in office that profess local interest and not federal interest is worth looking at. We need candidates who can start cutting government agencies; education, epa, OSHA; for starters.

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