Ft Hood, MH370 & Putin's Latest Shot: Podcast of April 5, 2014 Show

Cool Hand Luke performing “Plastic Jesus” after learning of his mother’s death.

For the curious videos on the LAX shooting and the Navy Yard shooter as well as the recent Craig’s list ad for a mass casualty drill at Fort Hood, click here.
For the new Georgia gun law, see my post for last week’s show on the Georgie Gun Rights Law HB60

For the Ukraine leaks I played on the show see Exposing the Shadow Government in the Ukraine (and the US?) and Putin’s Place in the New World Order.
Here’s “Yatz” getting grilled by the BBC.

For my recent analysis on the referendum in Crimea that led to the “annexation” by Russia, see Crimea & Self-Determination: The First Principle of the Law of Nations.
Here is a shocking leak of high ranking Turkish officials recently planning to shoot a missile AT TURKEY to create a cause of war with Syria! I have been attributing these leaks to Putin and Russia and believe they are a sign of a real change in the international order. (For the segment I read on the air, start at 11:00, but the whole tape is interesting.)
Here is the best of the Waco documentaries I referred to. April 19, 1993, was the date of the fire that ended the 51 day siege on the Branch Davidians in Waco. After assessing all the evidence, it looks to me that this started out as a PR stunt by the ATF.
For details on the MH370 psy-op see my recent article Cracking the Code on Malaysia Airlines 370. For a great documentary on the TWA 800 accident, check out my recent review, TWA Flight 800.


  1. johndjasper says:

    Hi Monica. Loving the hard-hitting shows!
    There still seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the black box situation. Despite 17 years as an aircraft mechanic and even longer as an enthusiast, I’m no expert on such matters but it’s important to keep in mind the difference between “locating” the black boxes (cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder) and recovering them. Locating them is normally a matter of picking up the signal being emitted from each box and zeroing in on it’s position through triangulation. This process is time limited by battery life. Once “located,” recovering the boxes is a matter of searching the location of the physical boxes which can become significantly complicated if the crash area is underwater, on a mountainside or in dense jungle.
    From what history I’ve traced, searchers never located the Air France aircraft’s boxes during the initial search after the crash as they never picked up the pings. (http://www.airfrance447.com/page/2/) They were hampered by a large search area and limited evidence based on floating debris. It was only due to a major underwater search effort started in March 2011 that they happened upon the wreckage and from there got lucky with the recorders. But even if they had pinpointed the location of the boxes via the signals, it could still have taken a long time to actually recover the boxes.
    Apparently, the sonar probes normally used for these searches can only cover about 30 miles so there is a fair amount of luck involved when searching underwater and no luck at all if you’re in completely the wrong ocean as seems to be the case with MH370.
    So to recap, locating and recovering black boxes are two different things.

      1. johndjasper says:

        Yes. As usual, the only thing that we can be sure of is that we’re not being given the unadulterated facts. As an aside, I’m having a wonderful time digging through the archives of the Thunderbolt Project (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHqXK_Hz79tjqRosK4tWYA) and The Electric Universe (http://www.holoscience.com/wp/). It should come as no surprise that truth is not an important player in any of the fields of science any more than it is in geopolitics. If you ever find yourself with free time to fill, the EU theory is worth a sojourn.

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