How to Stop the Department of Community Supervision

Catherine Bernard is an attorney working to stop the GA legislature from establishing a Department of Community Supervision. To understand why, watch her ten minute video on the subject or check out her ten minute appearance at the hearing. To understand this bill better or to try to put it on hold, go to the hearing or contact your lawmakers – here are the details on how to do this from Catherine:

The Opposite of Government Accountability: Department of Community Supervision

Action Alert: On Monday, March 23rd, at 1pm in Room 310 of the Coverdell Legislative Office Building, the Senate Public Safety Committee will be hearing HB310, which would create the the largest, most powerful, and most Orwellian law enforcement agency in Georgia: the Department of Community SupervisionWe can’t reform the criminal justice system by making it bigger and more dependent on policing for profit!  Email the Committee members today and insist that they vote NO on this dangerous expansion of government power that would put us all one traffic ticket away from tyranny. Please come to Monday’s hearing to join other citizens standing against this overreach. We successfully fought no-knock search warrant legalization with common sense, facts, and persistence – let’s do the same with HB310. Read more on HB310 here; watch the full hearing before the House Committee here. We don’t need “reform” that makes the problem worse. Thank you for helping get that message out on this beautiful weekend.

For justice & liberty,

Sen. Tyler Harper (404) 463-5263 Chair

Sen. John Albers (404) 463-4161 Vice Chair

Sen. Mike Dugan (404) 656-7454

Sen. Harold V. Jones II (404) 463-3942

Sen. Valencia Seay (404) 656-5095

Sen. Michael Williams (404) 656-7127

Sen. Ben Watson (404) 656-7880

Email them all at once (includes sample letter)

Copy and paste addresses:;;;;,,

Sample letter: To the members of the Public Safety Committee: I respectfully request that you vote against HB310, which expands government power significantly by creating expensive new agencies that will make criminal justice outcomes worse. This is much more than a “consolidation,” as bill supporters have claimed – this would create the largest law enforcement agency in the state of Georgia (and it would have legislative and judicial powers too), as well as a direct conduit for federal funding and control through the Governor’s Office of Transition, Support, and Reentry. This bill should not be rushed through session against the wishes of many rank-and-file employees of the system.  Vote NO to protect our freedom and safety. Thank you for your consideration.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I KNOW!!!!

  2. Gerry says:

    Your call screener has blown me off twice when I called to comment on the eroding of our rights

    The guy that called earlier about his traffic stop. The Supreme Court ruled years ago giving the police the power to accuse you based their suspicion.
    When you refuse a search they bring the dog who can be prompted to signal and incite a search. Just ask the hundreds of kids getting rousted in places like River Falls , Al on their way to spring break with no recourse other than to be intimated by the cops that may get lucky and find some beer or drugs.
    GA is about to pass a law that gives cops carte blanche on no knock searches. A little boys life was irreversibly changed because the cops I’m that redneck GA county did not use any discretion before they blew up his playpen. The child has million bucks in med bills and the cops walk away with complete immunity? There has to be a balance. A lot of these laws were to protect the cops. Who is out to protect us?

    1. Monica Perez ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      do you tweet? if you tweet me i can tell the screener i’m expecting your call. those no knock bills were gaining steam til & others (including some of my listeners) went to the hearing and called their reps…there were three bills – they all died. now hb310 and sb94 need to be stopped. only one week left. i wish you had gotten through. all the lines were full most of the time though so you would have had a very long wait. (she used to screen out brett too but i told her to let him on and now he never has a problem.)

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