Catch this headline in The Wall Street Journal this morning?

Russia Cites Negligence, Drunkenness on Jet Crash that Killed Total CEO

The driver of the snowplow on the runway was drunk. Case closed, right? Only the article itself says the following three things that directly contradict this claim: (1) “a spokeswoman for the airport said all airfield service employees undergo tests for alcohol before and after their shifts. She refused to comment on this particular case.” (2) “A lawyer for the driver said medical records showed that Mr. Martymenko wasn’t under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident and doesn’t drink alcohol because of a chronic heart complaint.” (3) The lawyer further stated that the driver “wasn’t drunk, was directed to where he was by flight dispatchers.” Why would flight dispatchers direct the snowplow in front of the plane? Negligence? Incompetence? Of course, you can’t dismiss the sinister out of hand- one must always ask: Cui bono? De Margerie was known to favor Russia for future oil deals and to see no reason to denominate energy deals in dollars. (I wasn’t going to go there, but the spin in this story made me dig a little deeper.)

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Presidents come and go.The New World Order, I believe is focused on increasing the national debt of the U.S.A. This last week I studied much about The Zeitgeist stuff and spin off materials. I get together for a few hours each week with my best friend who is a Special Agent with a Federal Bureau that investigates.My wife laughs and says he may be assigned to monitor me. He becomes annoyed with me when I bring up a subject that could be misconstrued as a conspiracy theorist. Que Sera,Sera !He does ground me with the fact, for instance that all conjecture about about 911 would require too many collaborative actions possible. However, I do believe monumental events can be orchestrated by a few. It may be The New World Order simply does not waste a good crisis. Am I poisoned ,or becoming enlightened? Ebola,more money needed. I.S.I.S. or ISLAMIC STATE of the LEVANT more money needed etc.

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