This is the official story–get ready, it’s a whopper—“The homicidal Islamic truckdriver with a trailer full of grenades and guns in the cab told cops he had FREE ICE CREAM so they LET him drive into the promenade.” My ten year old wouldn’t fall for that–I literally teach him not to fall for the puppies & ice cream / guy in a panel truck trick…this is simply not true. It’s just not true. So the cops let him in because…..why?

lest it disappears, here is a copy


Terror fiend tricked police to get death truck onto busy Nice promenade, kill 84

I was just thinking to myself, “self, I bet Monica is an anti-Muslimite, she’s on Fox after all”.

I think everyone in Amerika should be required to submit to a DNA test AND a lie detector test to determine if they are 1)Muslims 2)Shariafiles.

Yeah for the Anarcho Capitalists! Even they can hate the Muslims. Let’s kill some more of those pesky Palestinians and Syrians and lets do it this weekend.

I just don’t get the jew-hating. Most of the jews I’ve met are pretty nice. In fact, I’ve met lots of people that were nice from every sort of background, and they make it hard to lump people together that way. Have you ever considered the notion that “only individuals act” and that any individual on any given day decides what they will do, and tomorrow you could be an entirely different man than you are today? This whole grouping thing is robbing you of friends every day. And who doesn’t need more friends?

That’s what happens, when you don’t have solid protocols. Did the truck have a refrigeration unit? Did the Gendarmes run the license number ? Were they told to limit the size of vehicles allowed beyond the barriers? Speaking of barriers. If you don’t need a crane to put a barrier in place, its to small. Also, you stagger barriers, so a vehicle can’t get up to a high speed.

My ice cream costs more than gasoline! That should have been enough to make them suspicious!

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