For the Glossary: Digitization of the Self, the Great Suppression & More…

Digitization of the Self

Just as the Industrial Revolution moved man away from the soil, so the Technological Revolution moves man away from physical reality. With prom pictures more important than prom dates, kids seeing the world through the lenses of their phones rather than the lenses of their eyes and with virtual reality addiction right around the corner, “meat space” will be a relic of a primitive time.

The Great Suppression or the Parkland Purge

After Nicolas Cruz allegedly shot up a high school in Parkland Florida, facebook and google among others cracked down on any news or news source not of the mainstream variety and parroting the official narrative. Regardless of evidence or journalistic merit, these government proxies effectively declared “truth is dead” on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Ministry of Facts (or The New Ministry of Truth, if you prefer)

As part of their War on Truth, facebook and youtube both happened to decide to flag sources they consider to be likely to corrupt the youth or whatever their measure is, slander them and link highly biased Wikipedia entries to their posts so readers can get their minds right with “the facts.”

Emotional Property

Just as intellectual property is not real property (Stefan Kinsella convinced me), emotions are not unassailable. The right to free speech is now being balanced against the right not to be offended – not kidding!

Similarly, the right to data that you generated in concert with a service provider you voluntarily associate with will generate regulations that will keep any free speech friendly competitors from rearing their ugly heads–regulatory barriers to entry strike again!

Regulatory Barriers to Entry

I’ve been railing against Regulatory Barriers to Entry for years and finally got some small validation when the EU admitted that the “unintended consequences” (ha ha ha ha ha) of their privacy regulation is that only VERY BIG TECH can possibly meet the standard. Bravo. (See: Google and Facebook Likely to Benefit From Europe’s Privacy Crackdown)


  1. Norman says:

    People of the lie by M. Scott Peck talks EXACTLY about people like Jim Comey. Scott Peck was the military’s TOP psychiatry person during the Vietnam war. Really great writer you should read everything he writes but his 2 best books are the road less traveled and people of the lie.

  2. Norman says:

    What the hell is the phone number to call into the show ??? If i troll Monica i will only do it honestly right to her live on the radio thank you very much. Its all now just total theatre – Monica Perez …. i tell my kids , and anyone that will listen to me its all just acting – performance art. Democrats especially but yes its all now %100 theatre as Mrs. Monica Perez tells us.

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