I noticed a few years ago that Turkish President Erdogan wasn’t entirely on the reservation, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it…it seems clear now that he is totally off the reservation. There has been a tremendous amount of press lately criticizing Turkey in general and Erdogan in particular, literally from all quarters: mainstream media, alternative media, left, right, East, West…Ya gotta wonder what’s going on when Russia and the US have the same talking points…So what is going on? Sibel Edmonds lays it out in this video, but that’s not why I’m posting it!

I’m posting it because she touches on the danger of Putin-worship. There was a time when I was so grateful to hear the other side of the story in world news that I welcomed the press coming out of Russia. I have since turned completely away from RT and the rest as it became clear they aren’t even trying to give any truth anymore. What’s most telling, and what was the last straw for me, was how they play into official narratives such as ISIS being something other than a Western creation. Perhaps they need to do it to justify fighting back, but whatever the reason, it’s politics not reporting…as Edmonds & Corbett say time and time again: there are no good guys in world politics…


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You’re absolutely correct Monica, there has been plenty of Putin-worshipping as of late. I will say, he is definantly a stronger leader than Obama, but in no meaning, a good guy. ISIS is a creation of the West, hands down, no argument stands up to that. In my opinion, the crisis is Syria down to one thing. Oil. And the solution as to whether it’s Russia’s oil lines that go through Syria to Europe, or it’s Saudi Arabia’s oil pipelines that run through Syria to Europe. It seems to me that this aspect is hardly ever brought up on any mainstream media. Ever. I’ve had to search for information on this. And I still have more research to do. Working on it. I hope to have something out here in the next week. Love the show…

I do most appreciate Sibel Edmonds (as I do you!) and thus viewed the video clip you embedded in your post here. I fancy myself as perhaps one of the more informed folks, yet I freely admit that I get caught from time to time getting conned. The psychological strategies employed against us are developed by pros, employed by governments! Clearly RT might be compromised. But so is our media here in the U.S., and it does appear that our political infrastructure has joined forces with the media, so they act in unison. I’m not sure I’m ready to buy that Putin and RT are in lock step at this point. Just as there is disagreement (understatement, certainly!) between Trump and our media, it might be somewhat so in Russia? My hope is that Putin is real and honest (and the same for Trump!). While I do highly respect Corbett and Edmonds, I have taken issue with Corbett in the past on “immigration” topics, on which I am highly informed over many years. I most encourage all view Sibel’s video. She is most excellent! This is a highly complex matter!

Thanks, kindly, for your comment! We are all attempting to decipher the current moves of the elites and anticipate and respond to their next moves. And finding the truth is a bitch, as I often say, thus leading to disagreement amongst ourselves. I used the plural “moves” as those SOBs also have multiple agendas at work, some of which conflict with others they employ. But we must keep resisting!
Happy New Year to all!

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