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  1. Adriano Celentano says:

    Monica. I like your perspective and believe your assessment of the nature of current politics and true agenda of the politicians is closest to reality than that of most of the analyst. I was listening to your mini dabate with V on Rogue Money where you had mentioned that you would welcome any political system including socialism, so long as an honest group of people running the government. People with a clear and honest agenda. I also support such a view. However, I don’t believe that such thing is possible. The elites will never relinquish the power willingly, and the kabuki will unfortunately continue endlessly. My question is whether there a point in such pseudo democracy? Is there anything close to democracy as we understand it at all? What is the point of election and voting. Is an anti voting movement the best remedy resolve current political disaster. What do you think the solution should be, given that voting in a well meaning person is impossible.

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