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  1. J.Hary says:

    No – I would say that liberty is not on the rocks, but Progressivism and the Anti-War movement sure are. After they put all their bets on Sanders, and then went all out to defend and elect war hawk Clinton, their name is mud. Plus, with the proven evidence of rogue money, establishent NGO financial backing, the establish links to Wikieaks and their black propaganda, the Snowen psy-op, and the fact that Facebook owner Zuckerberg got built up with In-Q-Tel clandestine cash infusions, the truth of Mockngbird media control is all out in the open.

    I just read an article about Dick Wolf, creator of the 20 year long Law and Order series, who just happened to be buddies with Rudolph Guiliani, while he was pushing the ‘war on crime’ police cracking skulls, and blatantly pushing the NeoCon war agenda. Go figure. It just adds to the list of Hollywood producers / directors who are noted as NeoCons like Chistopher Nolan and his dreaded Batman film series, endlessly politicizing stories and pushing Pentagon propaganda.

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