Apparently, Hillary is coming under pressure for using a (kind of) personal email account for State Department business. Given that David Petraeus, the HEAD OF THE CIA, used all the tricks in the book to keep his emails secret, yet they were splashed all over the front page of every newspaper in the country, as Hillary herself might say, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” I really don’t know. I figure this is just another distraction from a real issue, but I’m taking a break from the rabbit hole this week. I did, however, find two things noteworthy about one of the personal emails Hillary received…


1. Lynn Rothschild was worried about Hillary’s health. Lynn Rothschild? Baroness Rothschild? I don’t know if the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers actually run the world, but I’m pretty sure rubbing elbows with that gang doesn’t betoken an objective pursuit of “liberty and justice for all” from one of the most powerful members of the US government.

2. The second point is maybe a little nitpicky. (If so, please let me know in the comment section.) Hillary’s email address is HDR is for Hillary Diane Rodham. When I first got married, I did not take my husband’s name. I was a professional and I liked my name. After my first child was born with Down syndrome and my husband really got us through a tough time, it occurred to me that taking his name might mean something to him and might be a gesture of love and gratitude. And so Monica Perez was born. I think he liked it 🙂 Hillary, on the other hand, took her husband’s name when it was politically expedient to do so. It kind of bummed me out on a couple of levels. For all her feminist militancy, it seemed to show that she was willing to use her status as consort to the President to improve her political status among the philistines who think a woman “belongs” to her husband. Furthermore, when she became senator in New York (my home town), I felt it was, in effect, her sleeping her way to the top: There is simply no way she would have gotten that gig if it weren’t for her husband’s position. So I didn’t like it, but I did get over it. I still dislike both her stated politics and her political hypocrisy, but I got over her name. I am now wondering, however, if she ever did! This little email dust-up makes me think that 20 years later, she still thinks of herself as Hillary Diane Rodham, symbolizing to me that she continues to play to what she views as our sensibilities even though she has contempt for them. Maybe I’m reading too much into it – what do you think? – How A Romanian Hacker Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Secret Email Life

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Hillary would not have gotten the Senate job if JFK Jr hadn’t conveniently died in a suspicious plane crash. Just karma, I’m sure.

Have you ever heard of Dr Donald Miller? He comes up with some great medical stuff outside the establishment – my favorite article of his is this one on vaccines: He points out that having these childhood illnesses could build our immune systems even with respect to cancer later in life. Very interesting. Funny thing though, I kind of started to look at him with skepticism when he claimed that JFK Jr was assassinated. This is the first time I’ve ever heard any indication that his claim might have some merit. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for the link, Monica. The doctor has a good handle on the complexities of the subject but possibly an incomplete one. Many others have pointed out that the measles diagnosis requirements changed post-vaccine. As the symptoms are similar to other rash-type diseases, doctors ruled out measles if the patient had been vaccinated. Hence, a miraculous drop in measles cases would be expected.

Having been born in ’57, I should have been in the measles firing line but to my memory, I only ever had chicken pox. I might have had a mild case of measles and mumps but never any clear outward signs.

Although there is doubt about the true relation between titres and immunity, it is generally accepted that titres are evidence that a specific germ has been encountered by the body. Studies have shown titres in both animals and humans for diseases that they have not outwardly shown symptoms for. This is dismissed by the proponents of the shotgun blast, one-size-fits-all vaccination paradigm.

Obama is a useful puppet who knows his place. His successor has already been chosen and we only have to go through the election charade to find out whom.

Interesting thought you raise. What if they staged an Obama power grab so some hero could save the Republic?

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