Emailgate is nothing…this author predicted a Hillary indictment in 1996


I had never heard of this author, Roger Morris, or this book, Partners in Power, and Morris’s politics are very far from mine, but after watching this video (on 1.5x speed to save time), I bought the book (for $0.01 plus shipping on amazon)…at one point he names a guy Bruce Lindsey as likely to be the next Whitewater conviction (this interview is in 1996)…I wiki’d Lindsey–he never went to jail–on the contrary, he’s now on the board of the Clinton Foundation.

I thought I’d get a summary of the Clinton’s crimes by watching this video, but I didn’t. What I did get was a fascinating insight by this author into the crisis we are in, even to the point where he anticipates (in 1996!) major terrorism and a total failure of the political system here. (Unfortunately, I keep trying to find his current commentary and found next to nothing, though I did find a few things.)

Seems to me something profound changed either because of 9/11 or since Obama went after the press or both of these things and more, but one almost never hears real journalism rising above partisanship anymore. Perhaps it’s because anyone buying into the two party system at this late date is a true believer and won’t break ranks. Perhaps Morris was still deluded enough to believe in the principles of a benevolent big government that could rise above cronyism. The fact that he still (almost) classified himself as a Democrat is perhaps a tell that he comes from a different time, as today anyone who’s seen what Morris has seen and has lived to tell about it has been run out of journalism and likely given up on the big government fantasy, Democrat or otherwise.

In any case, this interview was worth watching–I’ll tell you how I like the book & I’ll give you a recap of Clinton scandals on this week’s show.



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