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Dear Monica,
I am listening to your radio show for the first time hearing things you say that I know and things I have known for years. The entities that have, as you say, hijacked America is corporate America I believe. I believe we live in a “corporatocracy” (similar to fascism) if I said that right. I believe America’s in the economic shape it is in now basically because “merchants (corporations) have no country (Jefferson) therefore no allegiance to a country. I believe there is only one allegiance for the corporations that are in those positions of power and/or influence-PROFIT. What say you? This is only a sample of what I have to say.
Yours Truly

Well said! All true. We have no govern-(control) ments-(minds). We don’t have a president if we ever did, he’s just the CEO of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION not the united States.
‘Meet Your Strawman’ on youtube. 😉

You said:
“I believe there is only one allegiance for the corporations that are in those positions of power and/or influence-PROFIT.”
What’s wrong with profit? I have a corporation, I don’t use it to influence government, so am I also an “evil capitalist”? Many corporations are simply groups of people engaged in collective forms of profit, operating under the regulations set down by our government.
If you argue we need to remove crony-capitalism and stop the buying/selling of politicians by the uber-rich elite, like Soros, Buffett and the Kocks, then fine. I could agree with that.
Or are you just here to push the anti-Profit/socialist agenda?
<<< Grey flag wielding Occupodo's,, kindly exit stage left.

Comment: I still wish they would let you on from 4pm-8pm, the world needs the info desperately. Nice to hear so many aware and awake on your show, except for the guy that can’t except the green screen news created in Holly-wood/magic wands :/ I wanted to tell him so bad to just search ‘fake news/false flags! 😀 I guess he didn’t notice the guy in Paris that ‘shot the police officer’……hmmm NO blood splatter/no brains flying out. Interesting. All false flags to keep people in fear for the ‘ankle bitters/supposed archons/IsisRaEl to feed off of. :/ One of the last people to call in on 2/21, the woman talking about the changes she sees in the youth that are doing their own thing, growing their own food, etc…. I was applauding her as I ‘traveled’ in my car. The comment you made to her was only supporting Agenda21; it was horrible. You said something about none of that will work because of things like Ocare!!!! Bout hit a pole when I heard that. Not TRUE. If people only knew their rights which were purposely hidden/not taught in school to ANYONE just to keep control of the sheeple by the corporations/GE/Jesuit General/military programmed educational system. Well, we have Sovereigns that know their rights, they are winning their cases with these corrupt judges, maggotstraights/warlocks in their black robes/capes/criminals sitting on the bank/bench! I spend a lot of time whenever I am out and about telling people about the birth/berth certificate scam; hopefully your children don’t have one nor a ss#! Everything that we sign takes away more and more of our rights; but you know that. When will you be ALLOWED to start spreading THAT Truth?! When you sign a bc you are giving away your Cestui Que Vie Trust! I tell people that and have them start learning about this by watching the 8 minute video on youtube called “Meet Your Strawman”. When people wake up to the scam of this, then maybe we can get our country and our world back from the Cabal. When it is signed they take YOUR 1 Billion fiat dollars and throw it into the fake market, creating more debt! It was never meant to be this way; WE ARE THE VALUE! Our Signature is the value, our labor is the value. Instead we are enslaved due to our own ignorance. We are supposed to sign for our homes, cars, utilities, food, clothing and all basic needs with our signature and that money comes out of our trust, we were not meant to slave away in a 40+ hour work week. We sign for a mortgage, the bank gets paid out of our trust with our signature and then they trick us into paying them again! Then they come and steal what has already been paid for with our trust when we miss a payment! WTH!!! Spread THAT truth Love. Lets turn this ish around! Thanks for your show, you are greatly appreciated and I truly do love your brain of knowledge. <3 Watch: 'The Golden Web' on youtube; it fully explains this entire Matrix that we are living in. RJ

Thanks for your reply. consider this. another airline three days earlier lost power in both engines and the aircraft was pointed to the earth in the PRESCRIBED PROCEDURE for re-starting engines. is it possible that this happened to the Germanwings aircraft the difference is that this one did not have the height to start the engine before it hit the mountains. the other possibility is that the reason the engines stopped is because it ran out of fuel .this can be proved by a full investigation. there is no evidence that the pilot was out of the flight deck the expression ” open the goddam door ” is more like an American expression rather that a German one as bot pilots were German I would expect any such statement would be in German. as far as I know there is no evidence on either of the flight recorders that the pilot had left the flight deck I have more possibilities all of which make sense. Today after wring this reply to you is was reported on television that the Marseilles Prosecutor Mr Brice Robin is considering prosecuting. I am sending him all the suggestions that I have made as I feel that this will be another cover up to protect Lufthansa

What does “GOP” mean?
The GOP is a bunch of Gutless Old Pussies
who just want to maintain the Status Quo
while they grow their personal wealth, retain
their power, and continue to live the Country
Club Life, and the HELL with the country and
its citizens. Examples: John Boehner, Mitch
McConnell, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.

Monica for you or Binkley,

Look up Populist press

Thought you would be interested.

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