Beware the Warrens! Podcast of May 10, 2014 Show

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Elizabeth Warren in her own words….


  1. mtbarbee says:

    There are so many lawsuits out there regarding discrimination- I would like to see some of these people on trial for discrimination of the rich. It would seem easy enough to prove in court. I wish some very rich people would get together and hire the best attorneys to fight this obvious offense. Fighting fire with fire in this way would at least justify the gross misuse of our judicial system.

  2. simmonsdon says:

    Wow, everything with the liberals seems to come back to the class warfare / class envy game sooner or later. It frightens me terribly to say this, but it seems that as time goes by there are more people in our country with the mindset of “take from the wealthy and give it to me”, and less of those actually willing to work for and earn their way. How in the hell is our country ever going to get back on the right track when we have so many who want the easy path, and so many politicians who are encouraging them?

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