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Shakespeare, wrote, life is a tragedy ,filled with many wonderful moments. Mr. Garners death was an unnecessary tragedy ! I think he had the wind knocked out of him from which he could not recover. From what I can see Officer D. used a take down take down with his arm around neck. If I could see Officer D. putting his other arm around and catching his elbow , that would be a killer. There are too many options which could have been employed but were not. Many factors caused the death of this man. Positional asphyxiation being knocked down being the largest factor. The arresting Officers should have used a second pair of handcuffs hooked together to give less stress on the lungs. I read the medical examiner did not find damage to neck bones or windpipe. If autopsy was different someone please reply.
I argued, back when Rodney King was beat with batons on the legs, it might have been necessary for his safety and that of police. Why? A cut to the throat from a hidden razor on police could kill. A policemans lot is oft not a happy one.The idea of a federalized community policing needs more thinking. I will ask my F.B.I. buddy his thoughts.

It seems like discrediting local police forces would go a long way in making the public accept a national police force. May it never be.

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