Unless I really can’t avoid it, I do avoid discussing divisive “wedge” issues on the air, and I did not make an exception for the Duck Dynasty dust-up, but I do want to take this opportunity to express one heartfelt view I have.

I feel strongly that the American people, gay or straight, black or white, male or female, must stop allowing the media and politicians to make these differences in our profiles and preferences into national, political issues. They are social issues that we must work out as decent human beings through our interpersonal relationships and within our own communities.

This is the only way, because when these personal issues become political issues, two terrible things happen: one, the political class (including the mainstream media) thrive on the issues and make sure they do not go away – they even try to make them worse; two, these issues become grounds for the government to penalize us for what we say or think or how we choose to live – this is VERY dangerous, no matter which side of an issue you are on.

Let us at all times call upon our politicians to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and not draw into national politics issues that are not expressly the purview of the federal government–and that is precious little.

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