Double Fake Justice Roberts: Republican Supreme Court Justice Sells Us Down the River Twice in One Week!

In the movie, I think Bill Pullman should play Justice Roberts playing a conservative.

Are these guys separated at birth or what???
Anyway, Justice Roberts voted this week both to uphold Obamacare and to strike down three of four provisions in the controversial Arizona immigration law while allowing the “your papers please” provision to stand.
Justice Kennedy did not vote to uphold Obamacare, though he is another example of a Republican appointed Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t follow the script.
My point isn’t that I think Republican appointed justices should follow the neoconservative platform, my point is merely that many people believe that we simply must vote for Romney because he will give us more conservative justices than Obama. That may be true as far as it goes, but the so-called conservatives can’t always be counted on to toe the party line, nor do I even want them to in many cases. The “papers please” provision in the Arizona law is one such case in which the conservative decision is the one that puts the government in the driver seat at the expense of the individual.
But even worse, Obamacare represents the tipping point for this nation both economically and politically–once that is implemented fully, the government will represent more than half the economy and no return to small government will be possible as the majority of voters’ interests will then be squarely aligned with big government’s.
This has been a bad week for the individual, but perhaps a good week for Romney as anti-Obama fever’s latest flare-up might actually get otherwise disgusted voters to the polls in November–not that it’ll make much of a difference in the long run.
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  1. Samuel says:

    We need a Constitutional Convention and put term limits on all of Congress and the Supreme Court. T. Jefferson, later in life, wrote about the mistake of giving Supreme Court justices lifetime appointments and he was right. We need to make Congressional jobs part-time jobs with limited benefits and allow the states to manage their own affairs. Too bad about the “poor” and the “homeless” and the druggies, porno addicts, boozers and all of them. I have spent my life denying myself all of the above and have grown stronger and healthier for it. I was poor and worked my butt off all my life and didn’t waste my money or feel entitlled to anything. Now that’s what Americans are supposed to do. Time for a worldwide depression and a reboot of all things.

  2. Justin says:

    There is also the issue of IP monopoly rights and privileges to exclude outside competition the pharma companies recieve

      1. Justin says:

        what i like about the article is the inherent racism that gave rise to these privileges the medical industry receives just like minimum wage was the union way of hurting minorities. We are always told the progressive era was and advance for workers and human rights when this was just a cover for racist government and business interest to hurt minorities in the country an coming to the country

  3. jnb0364 says:

    I actually applaud Obama and the Dems for this bill. They executed it perfectly. The took the ideas the Repubs and Mitt were pushing a few years ago and made it their own. Mitt and the Repubs are not going to get rid of this although they will promise they will before this election. The dems tried the outright socialized medicine route years back and failed so they just adopted the fascist route that the Repubs and Dems usually go and made businesses implement their policies for them. This isnt shocking though I dont see how this bill isnt permissible but social security is. And when this situation starts getting worse and care starts getting worse then they will implement the one payer system.

  4. King jeremy says:

    First, there is no way for romney to give us one conservative justice as long as none of them step down. Second, any judge put on the SC or any judgeship should be going by the law and not a party affiliation. The papers please is something that should have been done a long time ago. As far as The Affordable Healthcare Act goes, the insurance companies brought this upon themselves. All they had to do was end lifetime limits on care, and allow for the fact that PEOPLE have pre-existing conditions. For all reading this , this is not a tax; but a penalty against those who do not want to pay into healthcare.

    1. jnb0364 says:

      And what law are you talking about. Cant you think for yourself. If a law is unjust then no they should not go by the law. And although insurance companies are not good you need to figure out how it got to this point in the first place. The choice right now being presented is between the fascist medical system vs a more fascist medical system we just implemented. So no fascism in the medical insurance and monopoly privileges over the medical schools and doctors isnt working as you pointed out but that doesnt mean we should allow the government to implement more of it. this situation has been brewing for almost 100 years.

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