Should be a great show! Call in or post your picks for “Biggest Psyop of 2014″…that is, what do you think is the biggest crisis of 2014 that the powers that be won’t let go to waste? Maybe you’re not sure whether or not it’s a full on Psychological Operation – that’s okay, just let me know what was the biggest mistake, scam, incompetence, coincidence, violation of our Constitution, or whatever made you smell a rat in 2014…and if you can’t rattle them off, don’t worry, I’m ready with MY top ten!

Hope y’all had a Merry Christmas & talk to you tomorrow!

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Here’s a list, in no particular order:
Sandy Hook
Boston Marathon
Cyber security 
BRIC nations
ISIS and variants
Racial matters‎

The most successful event is immigration IMO. The bogeyman that Republicans, democrats, and even some Libertarians agree upon. The irrational fear of Mexicans has even been called an “invasion” by some of the most hysterical. Something that has occurred for centuries now has only recently become a threat? Yet even questioning the idea of government maintaining an impenetrable border will no doubt bring howls of disapproval, even right here. It’s a psy-op, and it’s the most successful one in a long time.

It has been said that a nation without borders is not a nation. I agree with that statement. Perhaps you don’t believe in the concept of sovereign nations, and that certainly is a viewpoint held by some. I keep my doors and windows locked on my home and admit to my home those who I wish to grant entrance and I often use the analogy that our nation is an extension of our homes, thus the doors and windows become borders on a larger scale. Following your viewpoint, perhaps you keep the doors and windows unlocked on your home to allow anyone admittance, based solely on their desire, not yours?

I don’t know how you define ‘house’, but the entire elite power structure of this nation wants open borders. The citizens who believe in the concept of sovereign nations want the opposite.

Then count me proudly among the “hysterical”, as you would term us, who are gravely concerned re the invasion of the U.S., and the entire West, for that matter. This invasion is fostered by the elites to destroy the strength and health of these targeted nations to divide and conquer them. With NAFTA and other mechanisms, we have destroyed the livelihoods of Mexicans and others to force them north. It’s basic human nature here that is being savaged by the elites and the tribes are being pitted against each other.

The true estimate of the number of illegals here is north of thirty million, perhaps as high as forty million. That’s an invasion in my book!

If you and I and 2 other people decide, by a vote of 4 to 1, that all of our properties shall be surrounded by an impenetrable border, have we not become the fourth man’s master? Are we not his jailer?
Is freedom good for us, and not for them? I question any nation’s dedication to freedom when they must do what we are doing.
I know that you think I’m ignorant, but maybe you should look into the reason that the USSR built the Berlin wall. You know, the one Reagan demanded they tear down? Truth is, they built it to keep people out, exactly the same reason you give for making our berlin wall.

Brad, I’m not sure why the USSR built the Berlin wall. Was it to keep people out as you suggest, or to keep people in (one of my thoughts), or both? I certainly want to keep the ‘uninvited’ out, otherwise it is total chaos. I believe in the freedom of a people to have a nation, with values and ways to their liking. We used to have reasonable mechanisms/laws to provide for ‘invited’ entrance. We used to have a unified strong nation. All that is about gone now. Your use of the word ‘freedom’ is to allow others to take over and transform my nation. My use of the word ‘freedom’ is to provide me the ability to have a nation, a home, to my liking, to my design. In your example re the 4 to 1 vote, I would suggest the odd man out find another nation that agrees with his desires. And back to my earler analogy; do you keep your doors and windows unlocked so anyone, at their whim, may enter your home? I would bet not. Isn’t a nation an extension of our home, and isn’t it reasonable to have some controls? And back also to an earlier point I also made: ‘others’ coming in, one by one, most certainly can assimilate. I term that the ‘micro’ effect. But ‘macro’ unmbers coming in, now 30 to 40 million, I certainly define that as an invasion, and these uninvited folks have the ability to take over and transform the nation to their ways and with very negative consequences to the native stock. That sure doesn’t seem right to me. But as Monica has noted, this is the plan of the elites. And you can be sure it’s not altruistic! It’s all about power and control…and the ultimate removal of freedom!

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