One of my favorite lines from King of the Hill, one of my favorite shows, was uttered by Cotton’s beleaguered young wife who asked for some “me time” to do the laundry. I have done the same. That was my only Mother’s Day request the year I had three kids in diapers (I had three under four, the oldest with Down syndrome). I asked my husband if he could keep all three toddlers contained so I could do the laundry. And do the laundry I did… and I’m still doing it! So. Much. Laundry.

I don’t even mind laundry, but it really does not end. Never. And more often than not, by the end of laundry day, my house is messier than when it started! Piles everywhere, drying racks, blankets hanging. So yesterday, after a long day of — what else? — laundry, I came into my as-messy-as-ever room, which doubles as the sorting area, and said to my husband in an a-ha moment, “Oh my gosh! I’m stuck in a Dolores Loop!” He nearly died laughing, which for my husband means he chuckled audibly.

We had just finished the first season of Westworld and I’m not spoiling anything to tell you that Dolores, one of the main characters, starts everyday afresh only to live a nightmare as a “host” in a no-holds-barred fantasy-land for sociopaths. She’s an android whose memory gets wiped every night so she can face each new day with optimism, not realizing what we all know: it’s going to be the same horrible nightmare as it was yesterday. Kind of like an evil alternative universe version of Groundhog Day.

Obviously having a lifetime’s supply of dirty laundry is not really a horrible nightmare, but anyone who has kids, pets, a house, a job, a spouse or any combination of these has had the feeling that no matter how hard you work, you are still going to have the same list of chores! That’s my Dolores Loop!! Luckily, there’s a cure, if you can get it. But beware, even after the reset the Dolores Loop will still be there, waiting for you.

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