Divide & Conquer on this week’s show…

David Powell of Henry County killed by police in a wrong-address call. The family claimed the police did not identify themselves or tell Powell to put down his defensive weapon before opening fire. No follow up on the story has been reported in the media to the best of my research.

BLM and cop-shootings are driving both the left and the right to demand more government, more policing, more central control…in short, we are being marched toward a Police State.

If these issues weren’t framed in terms of race, we might instead focus on the systematic transformation of policing in this country, which is adopting a more and more authoritarian, militant approach to law enforcement. If we focused on this as a universal rather than a divisive cause, perhaps we could slow it down–a worthy goal in part because the gap between militarized police and conventionally armed citizens is what I’m hereby dubbing the Second Amendment Gap. (The Second Amendment cannot effectively restrain a tyrannical government if it is grossly outgunned.)

But the Second Amendment Gap isn’t the only reason to keep policing under control. Remember David Hooks and Baby BouBou here in Georgia. And you probably haven’t even heard of Ryan Johnson or David Powell, also in Georgia. (And going further afield, google Andrew Thomas of California.) We are being deliberately divided along racial lines over an issue that affects us all, as these mostly under-reported cases demonstrate.  And to divide us further, those in law enforcement are increasingly made to fear those they are meant to protect. Not good if you want the majority in law enforcement to be on your side against an increasingly unConstitutional federal govt.

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