divide-and-conquer-large-pictureThe planned parenthood videos purporting to show doctors negotiating to sell baby tissue are pretty horrifying. Of course, the left says it’s misleading and the right is calling for action. Very divisive issue – albeit a real and important one. But anytime a story like this crashes onto the scene and politicians and the media explode into action, I wonder at, if nothing else, the timing. Note the time stamp on the video below…it was made a year ago. Why sit on it? Perhaps it’s to get their ducks in a row, or maybe the media held it back for a time they wanted to tell us what to focus on at the expense of other things.

I know the secret trade deals we are about to sign are off the radar, but they shouldn’t be. They are guaranteed to reshape our economy and undermine our sovereignty. There’s no question about that. To the extent people speculate on the impact of an Iran deal, that’s still just speculation on what might be…the trade deals (TPP/TTIP) WILL reshape our economy and undermine our sovereignty and they get virtually no press, while the Iran deal and the planned parenthood videos simply dominate the airwaves and the headlines day after day…oh and let’s not forget about Donald Trump, even El Chapo got distracted by that one….

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Do believe the timing of this vigja is affording the ImperialFed a distraction & division of the great unwashed. Years ago, when the stem cell debate was going on, often thot abortion places provided the cells. Taking cynical to a whole ‘nother level-charging pple several $100’s to remove a baby, steal the body, sell him, & not give the egg donor a dime.

Mr.Radranaginn, idk wot type “person” that plannedp. female-type was… Watched the vigja several wks ago & was in awe of how she could shove all manner & types goodies in her pie hole whilst talking blood-n-guts. I’m not squeamish in any way, but was taken aback by the indulgence & desensitized nature. Suspect same in a generation of kids w/out parents, snuff films masquerading as so-called horror movies, vigja games & telly full of smut.

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