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Listening forward to your show today. Sad events in Paris! I have friends that are far right, far left, and middle. The left, say diversity and multiculturalism is great.When I ask them why, too often they say the foods are wonderful. All the good from other cultures can be shared via travel and internet,say I. When the diversity comes in the form of people, all of the bad comes too. I know a couple from Turkey who retired after working twenty years in Turkey, won some lottery and moved here.When they have worked here long enough to get u. s. social security checks they are going back to Turkey . I know a lady from Brazil.She told me she was on vacation here each time her three children were born. When the first turns 18, the whole family will be moving here.I have read the KORAN translated by J.M.Rodwell,by a division of Random House Inc.I need to read it again by another translator.I do not recall reading some of the stuff many media people claim it says. One radio talk show host said, if the U.S.could grow to a population of 1 Billion people we could better compete globally. If only the American work force could get by on 17 dollars a day, is what he thinks would be great for his ruling elite! DIVIDE AND RULE!

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