CRUZ_0819NAT_32638724I continue to get emails and messages trying to explain to me with published articles and historical references why Ted Cruz is a “natural born Citizen” of the United States as per the US Constitution. These analyses are premature. Before we get to the question of interpreting the law, we need to know both the letter of the law on the books at the time of Ted’s birth as well as the relevant facts of the case.

What the legal analysts seem to be missing is that we have no documented facts other than Ted’s Canadian birth certificate. In order to opine on this specific case, we need a complete documented history of Ted’s citizenship as well as proof of the citizenship status of both of his parents at the time of his birth and beyond. We also need to look at the actual laws on the books in Canada and the US addressing legal citizenship as well as dual citizenship during the relevant time frame. We might not even have to dig deeper than that if, for example, Ted’s mother was a Canadian citizen at the time of his birth and dual citizenship between the US and Canada was not then permitted. In that case, Ted would not have been born of an American citizen at all. (This video makes some interesting claims about citizenship laws in the 1970s and 1980s both in the US and Canada.)

I have read that both of Ted’s parents were on the voter roles in Canada at the time he was born, indicating that they were citizens of Canada, and that dual citizenship was not permitted in Canada at that time. Is this true? We won’t know without all relevant documents. Ideally, we should see all citizenship documentation for Ted and both of his parents from the days they were born through the issuance of Ted’s US passport and his renunciation of Canadian citizenship in 2014. If, for example, Ted’s father was a Canadian citizen when Ted was born in Canada, that would weigh heavily in favor of Ted being a subject of his birthplace, Canada, and a natural born Citizen thereof.

But again, such speculation is premature. After we get all the documented facts, then we can take up the issue of whether or not Ted is a “natural born Citizen” of:

  • Cuba, the reported birthplace of his father;
  • TheUnited States, the reported birthplace of his mother; or
  • Canada, his documented birthplace.

There is one question that is past due, however: Why has Ted not produced complete documentation of his own and his parents’ citizenship status from the time of his birth to date?

For the record, I believe all this folderal with Trump & Cruz and the lot of them is a way for the establishment to get the next-in-line bankster war-monger Hillary elected, so I don’t think we will ever really need to resolve the issue of Ted’s citizenship. I actually think the fact that he is not qualified to ever be president is why he was willing to play this role in the first place! For more on that click here.

Update (4/13/2016): A New Jersey judge issued a laughably irrelevant “ruling” that Ted Cruz is a natural born Citizen of the United States in satisfaction of the Constitutional qualification for the presidency. This “ruling” isn’t even binding on NJ’s secretary of state, but worse, it doesn’t even establish the facts of Cruz’s parents’ citizenship at the time of his birth! The challengers didn’t even dispute it and the judge didn’t see any documentation regarding it. This is from the ruling:

As discussed with counsel at hearing, it is undisputed that Senator Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada, the child of a mother who was an American citizen and a father who was not a citizen of the United States. No other issues of fact concerning his place of birth, parentage, status or actions of his parents have been asserted or supported by any proofs whatsoever.(2)
(2) To this end, it should be clear that whatever rumors, innuendoes, purported facts or otherwise about conduct of the Senator’s parents while in Canada that may have been circulated on the internet or otherwise are not before me, and no party presented any proofs whatsoever concerning any such matters.

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Beautiful analysis…all makes perfect sense to me. Often times plans are hatched with more than one objective, however, and it concerns me we have/had three ineligible candidates running this time. And was Obama legal? Could a sub objective be to effectively nullify the Natural Born Citizen clause of our Constitution through unchallenged precedents? I think this issue needs to be resolved, but of course we can’t trust the Supreme Court. And p.s., I still think Trump is for real…sorry to differ.

Ted Cruz presidency.

State of Texas. Art.3 Sec.6 of the Texas Constitution states, “Qualifications of Senators. No person shall be a Senator unless he be a citizen.” Ted Cruz was elected to the United States Senate in 2012. He was not a citizen of the United States until May of 2014, 1-1/2 years later.

As you may know, Ted Cruz you are not a Constitutional “natural born citizen” of the United States and now want to be president of the United States, again. Let us say, Ted Cruz instead of being born in Canada he was born in Russia. Would we accept that? If so, we will be setting a new precedent for the future. The Constitution’s “natural born citizen” allegiance is set to this country and no other, the United States of America. There are 175 members in Congress because of their seditious stand against any Jan 6th Capitol Building Congressional inquiry, the reality being that they would have no problem in support of Ted Cruz or of any president having allegiance to two countries.
William Heino Sr.

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