Above is a picture of the two suspects. I had seen another picture of the woman in which she looked westernized as in this one. Since then, however, all pictures show her looking scarier and scarier and more and more foreign. But the most disturbing picture I have seen so far–and be forewarned, it’s VERY disturbing–is a picture of the male suspect shot dead. The picture is disturbing not only because of the bloody gruesomeness of the scene, but also because the dead man’s hands and feet look to be bound. How could that be? If he was bound, why did they shoot him? If he was dead (and clearly he was killed with a headshot), why bind his hands and feet? Here is the picture if you want to see it. Again, be warned, it’s shocking. (It came from the UK Daily Mail, but I found it here.)

Hour 1*

* Note that at the end of the first hour, I fell for a canard…that people on the terrorist watchlist or no fly list should be denied the right to bear arms…thankfully I realized my mistake (and furthermore, was corrected by the next caller!) — those lists do not allow you the right to defend yourself and can therefore be used for political purposes. One always has to have one’s guard up, doesn’t one?! Here’s an article on the subject from a website I like…

Why People on the No-Fly List Should Be Able To Buy Guns, by Robert Farago

[UPDATE: I just saw a new article in the WSJ about denying gun rights to those on the no-fly list…this kind of coincidence–that an issue that is on the A-list agenda in the mainstream media is also the subject of a tricky call I get on the subject–makes my “troll-dar” ping!]

Hour 2

Hour 3

Two great resources:

Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder & Suicide?, Harvard Law and Policy Review

More Guns, Less Crime, by John Lott (click image for details)

13-year-old shoots, kills would-be burglar

And don’t forget to dig more deeply into the origins of terrorism… https://monicaperezshow.com/2015/02/14/what-if-isis-isnt-what-it-appears-to-be/

(Here’s an article I referred to during the show that I also found interesting if not baffling: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2309446/How-The-Blind-Sheik-1993-World-Trade-Center-bombing-grown-social-media-empire-prison.html)

What could possibly explain Newt tweeting about the California terrorist attack weeks before it actually happened?

Here’s the clip I played on the show…

Here’s another witness with the same story…

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America has been At war 93% of the time – 222 out of 239 years – since 1776. America was built with gun violence, and our federal government uses massive amounts of gun and bomb violence to solve its perceived problems around the world. Chris Kyle, the so-called “American Sniper” is held up as a hero and a role model. The mercenary corporation Kyle founded has the motto: “Despite what your momma told you… violence does solve problems”. The US military and its service members are held up as heroes and role models despite the fact they are the gun and bomb violence using enforcers of a brutal US foreign policy. Do you think any of this might be contributing to the use of gun violence by our young men in order to solve their perceived problems? I do.

I was with you up to the last sentence. No, the gun violence we’re seeing is almost completely down to staged events courtesy of the Federal government. Genuine grassroots shooter events don’t have the FBI, SWAT and Homeland Security waiting around the corner to be on scene in minutes.

Great show, Monica! Sorry it took me so long to catch up. There were some great points made but tops was yours about Obama always getting his programs through so America, say goodbye to your second ammendment!

It’s now clear why the shooter events are coming thick and fast. I’m not sure how many actual casualties arise from them but I suspect a lot of people will die so that gun control becomes a reality next year.

It’s a shame that more wasn’t made about the anomalies of the San Bernadino case. Perhaps if you’d rapped the mic hard and shouted into it, people would’ve got the message about the three athletic, white, male shooters! It’s also great that you pointed out that although we generally distrust the media, we for some reason accept the basic details!???

There’s always some loose thread available to expose the falsity of these psy-ops but this one is so blatant. Even so the masses are blind to it.

Finally, you did mention this but I’ll make a bit more of it. The mix of crazy shooters versus terrorist shooters sends a contradictory message – buy guns because the government cannot protect us (even if they’re holding an active shooter drill next door) AND give up the guns to stop crazies from easy access to them. But, as you said, they only need the appearance of majority support to push their agenda through.


No reason to be surprised here as the ruling parasites have also read this book and they’re very big on symbolism, mysticism, and esoterica. (Have I left anything out?)

As with the 2012 hype, are they stoking this as a distraction or to increase fear factor?

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