quote-we-must-guard-against-the-acquisition-of-unwarranted-influence-whether-sought-or-unsought-by-the-dwight-d-eisenhower-56601I have always found that President Eisenhower’s expression “military-industrial complex,” which he coined in his farewell address (originally drafted as the military-industrial-congressional complex, but changed so as not to freak people out too much), seemed to over-emphasize the military aspect and under-emphasize the industrial aspect, which has morphed into a broader corporate aspect in any case. Therefore, I have coined what I consider to be a more comprehensive term that captures the original meaning of the military-industrial-congressional complex as well as its expansion, “the corpo-governmental continuum.” I hope you like it 🙂

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Confirmation indeed, I was just talking to a friend about this very same topic. This threat knows no boundaries and it shadows itself behind either political party. I saw this machine at work in Bosnia during the 90’s. This machine must have conflict to survive, and its serpent head does not follow patriotic allegiance. Even in a domestic civil disobedience scenario, it’s making money. Just follow the money and you’ll find career politicians having investments in the companies that are contractors for the DOD. I probably shouldn’t use names of companies but I can give a perfect example. Go back in time to the Vietnam War, and you’ll find a certain president from Texas who had vested interest in a company from Texas that helped build many a camps for the DOD in
Vietnam. This company is huge and is still in the business of building camps as well as logistical support. This same company profits greatly from a military that doesn’t cook its own meals, put up their own tents, or repair their own trucks. I personally saw this same company bus in protestors resulting in the camp going into high alert, (I was accidentally left out of the camp and wasn’t accounted for).
Another example is a softer version, most Military bases do not operate chow halls or dining facilities as they did years past. But you’ll have fast food chains at every corner. Then these same service flag officers wonder why their Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines are bigger than 30-40 years prior. The sad irony is that the services discharge a large amount due to body fat. Why do I bring up the body fat issue? Many a field grade and flag officer are recruited by this machine upon retirement. Once they’re recruited, most Do Not maintain allegiance to their former service or the enlisted personnel they once commanded. This is not a secret, it’s out in the open. Some services produce more candidates than others for this machine. Case in point, which service has supplied more presidential candidates since Eisenhower? Hmmmmmmm.
Monica again, you never cease to amaze.
I’ll stay in the race as long as you do.

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