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JFK: The CIA, Viet Nam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy
by L. Fletcher Prouty

L. Fletcher Prouty was Mr. X, Oliver Stone’s version of “deep throat” in the movie “JFK.” Prouty was “a retired colonel of the US Air Force, jet pilot, and former professor of air science and tactics at Yale University….during the Kennedy years, [he] served as the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was directly in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the clandestine activities of the CIA.” (From the book jacket.)
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Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time
5 of 5 stars
This is THE book that explains the grand conspiracy. I don’t normally go for the intellectual over-analysis of social phenomena, but this book is actually a fascinating, comprehensive overview of a history in our time as the subtitle promises. But what made this book famous – or infamous – is how this establishment insider, Georgetown professor Carroll Quigley, tells all about the conspiracy to establish the second coming of the British Empire, albeit under the radar. Quigley names names, dates, events, plots, puppet institutions & anything you’d want to know about who is directing the course of the world and has been for a hundred years. The author had full access to archives of the most sensitive nature and was excoriated for this expose, but he thought a One World Government would be a good thing and wanted to bring its heroes out into the sun. I plan to read it twice.
None Dare Call It Conspiracy
4 of 5 stars
A red scare era conspiracy classic. Short, great read. I think this was the book that originated the concept of the Accidental Theory of History vs the Conspiracy Theory of History (though I would have preferred The Intentional Theory of History)…the idea is that we have been steadily marching in the same direction – toward a larger, more totalitarian state yet we are told there’s no grand plan. This author suggests that if there’s no grand plan & every action is an accident of history, then occasionally the pendulum should swing the other way, yet it never does. My only reservation about this book is that he cites FDR as saying that everything in politics happens on purpose, yet I have reports suggesting this quote cannot be verified. On the other hand, this is the book that introduced me to the MUST READ Tragedy & Hope in which a respected establishment insider celebrates “the conspiracy” in great detail – it is irresponsible to dismiss the idea of a grand conspiracy without first reading Tragedy & Hope.
Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story Of The Committee Of 300
3 of 5 stars
In Committee of 300, John Coleman names names and spells out the inner, inner sanctum of the grand conspiracy that includes hundreds of institutions, most notably, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council of Rome. Unfortunately, this book has no chapters, no index and no footnotes! The author is former British intelligence and claims many or most of his sources are first hand or confidential, but they are impossible to verify and also cannot be followed up on with no further references. I don’t dismiss the truth of the report but must have more to really evaluate it. Toward this end, I read next Psychological Warfare & the New World Order by Servando Gonzalez. That hit the spot!
Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People
5 of 5 stars
With a robust index and dozens of pages of footnotes, this was just the book I was looking for to (1) lay out the manifestations in the world today of the grand conspiracy, and (2) provide resources and leads for further investigation. My plan is to randomly sample some of his material and follow up on his sources to see if the author accurately reflects them and if they are credible. The topic Gonzalez focuses on the most in this book is his claim that Castro has always been a CIA operative. Given the author’s Cuban heritage, I’m not surprised he focused on this, but I got a little bogged down. One thing I love about the book is the author’s non-dogmatic view of viable and just economic systems. I’m an anarcho-capitalist because I don’t believe a coercive, monopoly government can be just, and although Gonzalez isn’t an ancap, I respect his distinction between cronyistic, transnational corporatism and what he calls “mom & pop capitalism.” A nod to anti-globalists without falling for the Marx psyop…that’s right, Gonzalez points out (and I’ve read this before) that Marx and the Soviet Union were ultimately elitist psyops first of all, to convince the masses they were in charge, and also, in the case of the Soviet Union, to keep the Czar from establishing a petroleum powerhouse in opposition to JDRockefeller. Yup, this book is chock full of goodies!
Dollars for Terror: The U.S. and Islam
5 of 5 stars
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Proofs of a Conspiracy
5 of 5 stars
This is the original expose of the Illuminati, written over 200 years ago…Robison goes through great detail about Adam Weisshaupt and his infiltration of the Free Masons with a grand plan to overturn the social and political order of Europe. The Illuminati was broken up by the Bavarian government in 1786, but many believe that the organization survived and is even today operating behind the scenes in everything from the conspiracy to establish a world government to planning the terrible events of 9/11. For further reading on this subject, check out Bloodlines of the Illuminati, which brings this theory up to date.
The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking True Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow FDR
3 of 5 stars
You gotta love Smedley Butler, even though he campaigned for FDR! He seems to have had integrity. His essay transcribed as War is a Racket was courageous and honest – too bad we didn’t take it to heart as a nation. Butler was the most decorated Marine in history at the time of his death, though this book hints at a disproportionate amount of administrative accomplishment over battlefield successes, but I’m sure there was plenty of both. The Plot refers to big money guys trying to get Butler to aid them in establishing a shadow government to usurp FDR, driven by FDR’s gold policy. The book claims this group wanted a return to the gold standard. This didn’t seem right to me, unless the group was separate from the bankers who set up the Fed – it’s unclear. Also, seems to me like FDR was in on the corporatist approach to government – though maybe then there was still a distinction between socialists and fascists, I don’t know. In short, Butler did expose a plot to seize the White House, but I wonder a bit if the plot was actually meant to trap Butler himself and discredit him as he was something of a trouble maker. Next I’m going to read Family of Secrets – I think it gets into the nitty gritty of this plot and the involvement of Prescott Bush..that might convince me it was real.
America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones
4 of 5 stars
Very convincing account by former Hoover Institute fellow Antony Sutton about the existence, power, influence and membership of Skull & Bones, the Yale secret society. A couple of fun facts: Both John Kerry & George W Bush, the two candidates for president in 2004 were bonesmen – what’s the likelihood of that, given that there are only 15 new members a year? I also found with the help of this book that alleged Boston Marathon Bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s grandfather-in-law was a bonesman and US intelligence agent – which together with the fact that Tsarnaev’s uncle was married to Kabul CIA Chief’s Graham Fuller’s daughter, makes me think it’s more likely Tsarnaev was part of the intelligence community and not an object of its suspicions. For more on that, check this out:…
MARY'S MOSAIC: Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and Their Vision for World Peace
3 of 5 stars
Good book about the killing of JFK’s last mistress, Mary’s Mosaic…convincing arguments that the CIA was in on it, written by the son of a CIA man and a friend of Mary’s family – whose husband incidentally was also a CIA agent. The most interesting thing in the book was that James Jesus Angleton supposedly said that the movie Executive Action was an accurate account of JFK’s assassination. Check it out here.

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