1. Does not Matter says:

    Not in town on those dates. Thanks for the great shows. I wish you continued success and I hope one of your jewish masters who own msm in Amerika offers you a national year round platform on radio or TeeVee. Just don’t mention the apartheid status of Israel, how they are looting the US Treasury, or their genocide of the Palestinian people. Ok? Thx Monica.

    1. bradrad says:

      Some people resent masters because they love freedom, and wish that everyone could have it. Others resent masters because their sense of entitlement, and trashy work ethics tells them that somehow they should be promoted to master so that they could show us how to properly rule. I would bet even money that this Does not Matter fellow is one of the latter.

        1. Does not Matter says:

          Timestamps allow observers to draw correlations between guests who post on the site. Does Brad say “let me post first then you follow my comment so it doesn’t look like you’re acknowledging the jewish stuff.”?

          “Don’t answer that Monica”.

          Let’s just say that I’m not controlled opposition, that’s for sure.

          1. bradrad says:

            I would gladly move to any place that didn’t have anti-Semite bigots. Unfortunately their filth has infected many peaceful, beautiful places, like Nice.

          2. hugh says:

            Does Not Matter,
            I don’t think you are controlled opposition. And I would suggest ignoring Brad. He’s one sick puppy from another planet!

          3. bradrad says:

            I disagree with Monica here. I don’t think that you are anything so sophisticated as an agent provocateur. If I were to guess by looking at the big white brush you paint with, and how you throw a whole race of people into the same bucket, I would say that you’re probably a plain old sweaty, red-faced, angry southern dixiecrat bigot who places an extraordinary amount of value in an old red flag and statues of southern war heroes. If you do go to church, you don’t go to listen, because if you had you might have learned a little about Jesus by now.

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