I recently wrote an article called The Libertarian Immigration Conundrum in which I discuss how the state can use our principles of liberty to get us to lose control of government and end up with less free societies. I hadn’t realized that this was a defined strategy until I saw the video below. The video is an excellent overview of the state of affairs in Europe today, and I’m more than intrigued by the reference made to Kelly Greenhill’s book, Weapons of Mass Migration. I haven’t read it yet, but the blurb is promising.

Defending an individual’s rights to work and travel is an essential element of libertarianism, but when governments destroy each other to change the fabric of society to benefit themselves at the expense of all of the populations, what is a libertarian to do?  The rights to work and travel are based on free will, not coercion, deception and military force. These are not free people responding to demographic or technological changes or even to a wanderlust, these are people deliberately displaced into populations that are not organically drawing them in.

Another question I’ve been considering as a libertarian concerns the immediate question of whether we should invite Syrian refugees by the thousands or even millions (what would be the fair number at which to stop?) to the United States as a result of the current crisis. My question is: does accommodating these refugees solve a problem created by our government against our will and insulate them from the consequences of their illegal and immoral behavior. The citizens of the United States made it very clear two years ago that we did not want John Kerry and Barack Obama to send Tomahawk missiles into Damascus Syria. We did not want war. They prosecuted the war anyway, however surreptitiously, and created a horrendous crisis. If we the people accept responsibility for this crisis, does this further enable our lawless leaders to continue this deadly and destructive behavior, or do we need to make it clear they are acting without our consent by repudiating their actions and all responsibility for their consequences?

In addition to discussing coercive engineered migration, Gearoid O Colmain gives in this video a very lucid overview of the major forces at work in the world today. (h/t American Everyman)

Don’t like the term “financial capitalism?” See my recent post Captive Institutions.

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Great job MonicA – that video is RIGHT on the money!

I also think the “Martial Law” going on in Paris is another test, another step, towards more martial law and lock down all across our dear planet. We, collectively must rise up and put a stop to these atrocities.

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