CISPA, Social Security & FBI's Terror Net

There was so much news this week that I didn’t have time to follow up on everything on air. Here a few articles that should answer the biggest questions raised on this week’show.
First, What is CISPA?

CISPA Isn’t ‘Son of SOPA’ (But That’s Not Saying Much)
Second, Is Social Security Fully Funded?

Misleading the Public: How the Social Security Trust Fund Really Works
Finally, What is the FBI up to?
The FBI interviewed and released Boston Bombing Suspect #1 after having been tipped by Russia that he was a radical Islamist.
The boys’ mother said the older one was “controlled by the FBI.”
The majority of the biggest terrorist busts in recent years have been conceived of and executed by FBI operatives.
An FBI Operative by the name of Emad Salem recorded his conversations with handlers while he was assigned to work with terrorists planning to bomb the World Trade Center in 1993. Apparently, Salem participated in building the bomb and asked for dummy explosives only to be turned down by the FBI. He expected the bomb would be stopped before going off. It wasn’t. 6 died, others were injured and $500 million of damage was wrought. Not to mention marking the World Trade Center as a great target for future terrorists.

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  1. Joe says:

    John Attarian wrote some of the best summaries on the Social Security Trust Fund That I have ever read. A true trust fund has beneficiaries with legal property rights. In 1960, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Flemming v. Nester that no individual has any claim for any particular sum of money therefore there are no property rights and thus there is no trust account. The Court concurred with the government that the belief that Social Security benefits are “fully accrued property rights” is “wholly erroneous”. SS is merely a system of taxation and appropriation. The bottom line is that calling a treasury account a trust fund to influence public opinion does not make it a legal trust fund. There is no segregation of assets, no property rights and right of enforcement (all of which are legal requirements for common law trust). FICA is nothing more than a payroll tax. You are entitled to nothing and that is very clearly established in the law as written and affirmed by several Supreme Court rulings.

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