This third shooting in the south recently is just too much for me to ignore, therefore, I’m going to change my plan and talk about this and a lot more tomorrow. During the show I’m going to make references people will want to check out, so here are links that will come in handy…

Earlier that same day, Obama says his one regret is not getting our guns but says he’s not giving up yet (h/t American Everyman)

Wesley Clark calls to “segregate…disloyal Americans…for the duration of the conflict.”

What is Operation Gladio?

What is Operation Mockingbird?

Terrorist Plots are often FBI Sting Operations:
Fox News
New York Times
World Trade Center Bombing ’93

ISIS IS US? and More to ISIS than meets the Eye and FOXNews reports ISIS video very fake

Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Perpetrated by REBELS Not the Government

Using “covert means” against Iran for “crisis initiation” and “war”

CIA Chief Graham Fuller radicalizes Islam against Afghanistan, Russia & China using Dagestan & Chechnya…oh, and his daughter, fka Samanth Fuller Tsarnaev, was married to the Boston Marathon Bombers’ Uncle Ruslan…

Report from Iron Mountain (pdf)…discusses euphemized forms of slavery to control the population, creating internal enemies of minorities or other groups to keep the mainstream afraid and suggests the necessity of blood sacrifice to direct policy.

Strange details about…
Noah Posner (Sandy Hook victim AND Pakistani School Massacre victim!)

Lafayette shooting occurs at 7:30PM CT Thursday July 23…that’s 8:30PM ET…At 9:20PM ET Thursday July 23 New York Times reporter Liam Stack tweets a story on the incident, reporting that President Obama had been briefed on the incident en route to Africa. How did this reporter and President Obama’s advisors know w/in under an hour that this story would be national news. There are 11,000 gun homicides a year in the US…that’s 30 a day. Was Obama briefed on Todd West within an hour of his second (of seven) killings?

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I’m not certain what you intended to convey with your comment. But I certainly am looking forward to Monica’s show today. I really believe something is rotten, and I’m not thinking Denmark, but here. I did a little surfing earlier, and there are all sorts of anomalies, just like with 9-11, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Murrah Bldg. and on and on. And don’t all these shootings support The Agenda!

Concerning all these “Mass Shootings,” All of them start between the ears. Anger at another race, religion, anger at parents, depression, and many more reasons. According to Louisiana Shooter’s family. They knew he needed help. The Columbine killers, from what I read, had parents that were afraid of them. Can we get a “Good Samaritan Parents Law?” i.e. They have to make that horrible decision to end their child’s life for the good of society. They would have documented the child’s behavior and have corroborating documents from teachers, neighbors and medical professionals, that they tried to get mental help, and social services help.

See “Crazy.” by Pete Earley He wrote ; But I was always on the outside looking in. I had no idea what it was like to be on the inside looking out. Until my son Mike was declared mentally ill.

If my son had broken his leg, most doctors would have agreed on the diagnosis and treatment. “Sir, your son’s leg is broken into two pieces, the bone needs to be reattached, the wound closed, and the body allowed to heal.” But that wasn’t what happened with Mike. One psychiatrist said he had bipolar disorder, another said he showed early stages of schizophrenia, a third said he had schizo-affective disorder. They prescribed a dizzying range of different drugs, different therapies, and, even worse, because he was an adult, I couldn’t simply swoop in and make medical decisions for him. An array of incompatible laws about patient rights stood in my way, like a line of trees.

What you are writing is what The Establishment wants you to think. They have an Agenda in mind and they want to bring you on board. I believe there is much more to all this. I hope you listen to the show today, read all the links Monica provides, and then draw your conclusion.

You should read Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper. A lot of what is happening now has been in the works for years. Interesting read.

These “lone wolfs” or patsies that are committing these heinous crimes are victims of “Mind Control”.
They are setup to take the fall, they are put-to-task to further their agenda of gun control.

When people mention the dangers of guns and more guns begets more violence, they need to know, most of these shootings; Church, Movie theatre, recruitment center, wherever, are done by the biggest terrorist origination in the world – The US Govt. !

We will not have nearly as many violent outbreaks of horror and death, once we remove this controlling scum from their leaching positions on humanity.

Love what you’re doing Monica, keep up the good work, more Patriots needed!

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