Ron Paul with Monica Perez (podcast of October 22, 2016 show)

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I was invited on a panel recently by America’s Future Foundation to discuss a book, The Conservatarian Manifesto, and the possibility of conservatives and libertarians coming together. One of the questions asked was “Should we even bother voting?”

Maybe you think that’s an easy answer, but roughly half of eligible voters don’t vote – why? Laziness? Conscientious objection? Despair?

I, for one, always either vote my conscience or vote to register my protest to the liberal-fascist center, but I’ve been viciously criticized for not voting the lesser of two evils and being responsible for Democrat victories (despite never in my life living in a purple state)…Is my vote mine? Or must it serve the collective will on one side of the aisle or the other?

This is where I want to start the conversation on Saturday & I’m going social media heavy so please comment below–your comments will shape the conversation…

(To see the other panelists and I discuss the question, check out the video, around the 55:00 minute mark at AFF’s facebook page here.)