Alt Right or Alt Wrong? Podcast of Aug 27 2016 show

This week’s podcast on youtube 🙂 Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 This is a good time for a RedSilverJ video 🙂

What Everyone Missed About the NC Bathroom Law (Including Me!)

Update (12/9/16): Since the first minute I heard of Georgia’s religious-freedom bill, I figured it was a trap. Get everyone riled up about another southern state showing its prejudice and get the national populace, or maybe even the federal government, to make sure that no one anywhere is permitted to enact anything so offensive. As (more…)

Divide and Conquer!

The planned parenthood videos purporting to show doctors negotiating to sell baby tissue are pretty horrifying. Of course, the left says it’s misleading and the right is calling for action. Very divisive issue – albeit a real and important one. But anytime a story like this crashes onto the scene and politicians and the media (more…)