The Propaganda Report (episode 9): The Grand Finale

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Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express finally lands onto the news cycle, James Comey could be protecting Hillary Clinton, The dangerous divisive propaganda of identity politics, Just who’s watching the watchers, and Trump Batman Theory revisted…..all on this 9th episode of the propaganda report.

“The elites aren’t superhuman.”

“I’ve known tons of illegal immigrants who voted.”

Sandyhook footage used during the reporting of the Umpqua Community College Shooting, as mentioned. Pause it at the .16 mark and you can see the “Sandy Hook School” sign in the shot.

Fake Die Hard 5 Movie Trailer as mentioned:


Additional Show Notes….

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Whistleblower Gets More Time than Epstein!! (Then Dies.)

246ECDE700000578-2897939-image-a-57_1420497542266You CANNOT make this stuff up!

Jeffrey Epstein’s former house manager, Alfredo Rodriguez, tried to sell Epstein’s “little black book” (the one with contact numbers for Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew and others) to the attorneys of victims who objected to Epstein’s illegal plea deal instead of bringing the book to the (clearly compromised) government. For this crime, Rodriguez spent 18 months in prison–almost 50% more time than Epstein spent in a cushy cell with day-release privileges. In addition, an FBI agent posed as a “potential buyer,” which makes me think that Rodriguez was set up so he could be tucked away in jail and so the black book could be secured. As I read this article on Rodriguez and the black book: Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s Little Black Book, I couldn’t help but wonder how this guy didn’t get himself killed! Almost immediately after this thought occurred to me, I read this line in the article:

Rodriguez, who spent 18 months in prison, died in December after a long illness and never spoke out about the address book, so the precise significance of the names he circled remains fuzzy.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that Rodriguez “claimed he needed [the book] as insurance against the businessman to protect his own life.”

Why does the media not cover this stuff? This is why, when someone like Edward Snowden–or Donald Trump for that matter–gets round the clock coverage, I wonder why. I can no longer accept the assumption that the  media reports things against the establishment’s interest come what may. If that were the case, when this morning I asked my husband and my sister–both of whom keep up with “the news”–if either of them had ever heard of Jeffrey Epstein, they would not have both said, “No.”

Update (6/20/16): Lawsuit Accuses Trump of Raping a Minor

Update (8/12/16): I have heard suggestions recently that Epstein had intelligence connections and reports that he debriefed the girls he used as sex workers after they had encounters with high profile “guests.” Then I recalled reading that indeed Epstein is very high up in the power elite, being a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tri-lateral Commission. This rabbit hole is so deep, yet it will never get a light shined in it I fear. Here’s an oldie but a goody…

Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery
He’s pals with a passel of Nobel Prize–winning scientists, CEOs like Leslie Wexner of the Limited, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, even Donald Trump. But it wasn’t until he flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker to Africa on his private Boeing 727 that the world began to wonder who he is.

This Is How the WSJ Covered the Ken Starr Story…

Virginia Roberts photographed with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell in early 2001.

Baylor Plans to Fire Art Briles, Demotes Ken Starr Over Scandal
University also places athletic director on probation as investigation finds handling of sexual assault complaints was ‘wholly inadequate’

Kenneth Starr, whose vigorous prosecution led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, was forced out as president of Baylor University Thursday amid allegations he turned a blind eye to accusations of sexual assaults by members of the school’s football team.

Mr. Starr said in a statement Thursday that he was “profoundly sorry” to “those victims who were not treated with the care, concern and support they deserve.” But he also distanced himself from the scandal, saying he wasn’t aware of the allegations of attacks until last year.

Nowhere does The Journal mention that Ken Starr was never “profoundly sorry” for being part of a legal team that negotiated a sweetheart deal for convicted sex offender and underage sex slave driver Jeffrey Epstein, which violated victims’ rights, defied justice and protected the likes of Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, among others, from being brought to justice on similar charges. Nor does The Journal mention that Baylor, a Baptist university that takes pride in its high standards of virtue, hired Starr as president and chancellor of the university and member of the law school faculty even after victims sued over the allegedly illegal and unjust plea Starr was instrumental in securing for Epstein. Furthermore, even in light of these facts, The Journal starts its report with a highly questionable statement presented as fact that Starr “vigorously prosecut[ed]” Bill Clinton, when it’s reasonable to see the proof in the pudding on that one as the Clintons emerged stronger than ever.

In my quick and dirty research into this story, I realized that four of the Clintons’ close associates actually have gone to jail from dealings the likes of which the Clintons are all too familiar, from sex offenses to campaign irregularities…Here is just a sample: Jeffrey Epstein, cohort of Bill Clinton, convicted and jailed as an underage sex offender; Peter F. Paul, major donor and fundraiser for Hillary during her Senate bid, convicted and jailed for conspiracy, drug dealing and securities fraud; Charles Kushner, father-in-law of Ivanka Trump, largest donor to Hillary’s Senate campaign & first mega-donor to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential bid, convicted and jailed for making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering; Ed Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law, convicted and jailed for bank fraud, mail fraud & wire fraud…These are just names I stumbled upon over the past day or were top of mind. My point is that if anyone had ever vigorously prosecuted Bill Clinton, he’d have gone to jail! (If you doubt this, start your investigation with the video at the bottom of this post, then read Partners in Power.)

I also think it’s weird that the only times I’ve ever read about the respected Ken Starr have been: in relation to this case, in which he’s alleged to have covered up sex crimes; in relation to Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex case in which he helped arranged for an allegedly illegal  and clearly unscrupulous plea; and in relation to the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal which overshadowed the very real and serious White Water and Vince Foster investigations. My takeaway? Don’t leave this guy (or any of his friends) alone with your daughter.

 Update (7/20/2016): Just found this:

And don’t miss this…