Smombie (new glossary entry)

Smombie, or smartphone zombie, noun: A person walking around unaware of his surroundings entirely absorbed in his smart-phone. This seems to be a real problem in Germany where they invented the term. One town even put traffic signals in the sidewalks after several people were hurt and one was killed by a passing vehicle due (more…)

GMO Labeling, the Obvious Libertarian Solution

Unfortunately, the debate over GMO labeling continues in the form of “to label or not to label” and is focused on the federal government. As is typical, stipulating that this is an issue on which the federal government should decide for all, has backfired. Calls for GMO labeling at state, local and federal levels has (more…)

Smoking Mom Affects Fetal DNA? It’s Downright Anti-Darwinian!

Random mutation and sexual selection alone never seemed to me┬áprobabilistically sufficient to account for the origin of species as Darwin claimed. The way I understood Darwinism, it would mean that every random mutation on the way to a big mutation that could serve a competitive advantage would in itself have to be selected for and (more…)