The Propaganda Report (episode 9): The Grand Finale

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Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express finally lands onto the news cycle, James Comey could be protecting Hillary Clinton, The dangerous divisive propaganda of identity politics, Just who’s watching the watchers, and Trump Batman Theory revisted…..all on this 9th episode of the propaganda report.

“The elites aren’t superhuman.”

“I’ve known tons of illegal immigrants who voted.”

Sandyhook footage used during the reporting of the Umpqua Community College Shooting, as mentioned. Pause it at the .16 mark and you can see the “Sandy Hook School” sign in the shot.

Fake Die Hard 5 Movie Trailer as mentioned:


Additional Show Notes….

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The Propaganda Report (Episode 8): Comey’s Grenade

I just don’t see the resemblance.

On episode 8 of the Propaganda Report, we explore the short and long-range objectives behind the ongoing media psyop involving the presidential race. We only have the audio up so far, but video will be up shortly. To get the audio and video versions as soon as they’re posted, Subscribe To Brad’s Youtube Page Here.

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Show Notes…

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GOP Rules & Libertarian Party in the Crosshairs…


I have believed that Donald Trump’s campaign was an inside job ever since his initial comments about Hispanic immigrants gained traction by an obviously manipulated story about a woman shot on a pier in San Francisco as well as a ridiculous story about El Chapo (likely a psyop in himself) angrily tweeting at The Donald within 24 hours of allegedly escaping prison. Since then, Trump has received BILLIONS of dollars in free media advertising, in large part from CNN which has a long history of putting agenda before ratings and whose agenda most certainly is NOT to have a Republican in the White House.

Stories that build through media and government spin serve agendas in my observation, and once you get the hang of the pattern it’s easy to see them unfold from the earliest stages–so it was with The Trump Train. There is also a well-established rule for such operations: use them to serve more than one agenda if possible. Again, The Trump Train fits the bill.

With the histrionics between Trump & Cruz unfolding like a scripted reality show, it seemed more was in the offing than merely getting Hill the win. I surmised aloud that the goal would be to reshape the GOP nominating process to prporcupinePNGevent not another Trump, but another Ron Paul, who actually did give the establishment a run for its money as evidenced by their “ignore you better still” approach to his powerful challenge. I also worried aloud that the establishment would take this opportunity to neuter or co-opt the Libertarian Party. Is this what’s happening now? I always say if it’s easy to predict the consequences of certain actions, they are unlikely to be “unintended.” What do you think, is this stuff part of the plan?

Ted Cruz’s Backers Push to Shape GOP Convention
Supporters of the former presidential candidate seek to change rules to give conservative activists more sway

Republican leaders might totally overhaul their primary process

William Weld as Gary Johnson’s Vice Presidential Choice to Be Officially Announced Tomorrow
But the ’90s Massachusetts governor’s past stances might trouble many Libertarians who care about more than just fiscal issues.

Austin Petersen Catches More Endorsements from the Media Right for His Presidential Campaign
Mary Matalin and Erick Erickson on board for the Libertarian who thinks he can best sell the Party to conservatives.

Just for the record, I am not a member of the Libertarian Party–I go the Full Rothbard–and I’m not a fan of the sanitized–even corporatized or compromised–libertarianism found at Cato, the Reason Foundation & Fox News, but I have always supported voting Libertarian as a way to register your protest to the liberal-fascist center represented by both the Republicans and the Democrats.

Stabbings v. Shootings

Crime scene of Oklahoma Stabbings the morning after the crime
From the first day of the Ohio Shootings in April, the news has given them national press and continues to do so, yet from the first days of the Oklahoma Stabbings in July, the news has given them virtually no national press. (Have you even heard of them? Two teen boys killed both of their parents and three of their siblings, stabbing them dozens of times, leaving two more siblings alive, though one was seriously injured.) Are there strict orders to pump up shootings and not stabbings? Is something more sinister going on? Perhaps it’s simply that the gunman was (and still is) on the loose in Ohio, but even the pictures of the scenes seem fundamentally different: while Oklahoma has a closeness and poignant tragedy to it, with body bags (above), ambulances-in-no-hurry and visibly horrified investigators assessing bloodstains on the sidewalk, the Ohio Shootings seem to have none of that (below).


Ohio Shootings crime scene on the day of the crime
I don’t know for sure why these two stories are treated so differently, but I would point out that one of them serves an agenda and the other doesn’t. In any case, I predict we will continue to hear little if anything about the Oklahoma Stabbings, but that there will be a Part II of the Ohio Shootings in which the public will be treated to a profile of the shooter that also promotes an agenda, whether simply to vilify one stereotype or another, to demonstrate the evil of guns or the reality of terrorism here at home–perhaps even domestic terrorism–whatever we are told, rest assured, it will be carefully spun by those telling the story. (One theme that is emerging is that this may have had to do with a pot operation–perhaps it will be used to continue to corporatize pot and refocus the drug war on heroin and perhaps subsidize the rehab industry…We shall see!)

Perhaps I’m jaded, but every time I hear of another mass shooting, I can’t help recalling the Mother Jones data set I spent some time on which shows that mass shootings have shot up a significant and statistically-curious amount under Obama–another fact which gets little press, though it did get some. Again, are the details of the events spun to pad the stats, or is there something more sinister–or at least more deceitful–happening? I’ve given up on trying to figure out what’s really going on, but I just can’t help wondering.

For more pictures of the Oklahoma crime scene, click here. For more pictures of the Ohio crime scene, click here. For more on the story of the Oklahoma Stabbings, click here. For more on the story of the Ohio Shootings, click here.



Something Rotten in Brussels?

I posted this to facebook as soon as I heard it, but I thought I should put it here just for the record.

I heard Catherine Herridge report on Fox News recently that TSA Chief Admiral Neffenger had been in Brussels the morning of the attacks there. I can’t believe I missed this the first time…Apparently, the head of the TSA flew to Brussels the morning of the attacks to warn them….Reportedly, he flew there in person but didn’t get there in time because he went to the wrong office! He literally traveled by plane, train and automobile from DC through Boston and Iceland then on to Brussels over an entire day rather than call or email someone. This story is nothing short of bizarre.

TSA Chief Flew To Brussels To “Warn Government”

Dkembe Mutumbo ran into two other American officials at the Brussels airport that day…he called them his “two angels” but was surprised that they refused a photo with him… (h/t WB)

“Instantly Labeled the Panama Papers” (Propaganda Report)


This is part of a series called: The Propaganda Report, Your MSM Companion. Here’s what it’s about: I read the WSJ to keep up with the official narrative–if we know what they’re trying to feed us, we might be able to figure out why. I have concluded that nothing in The Wall Street Journal, which I consider to be the “conservative” newspaper of record, is put there simply to inform. It is to misinform in order to serve an agenda or to spin real information that cannot be ignored. With that said, I thought I would take an article or related articles from The Journal (and occasionally elsewhere) every day and try to start a conversation.

For some reason, today I read The Wall Street Journal backwards. The funny thing was, that let me see where they were headed with today’s theme before I got bogged down in the set-up. Here’s what I started with–an editorial on page A12:

The Panama Papers in Perspective
The news here are the incomes and bank accounts of politicians.

That subheading didn’t appear in the print edition, so I had to read the whole article to get the punchline:

[I]t’s hard to see how the big question in this story is whether everyone with a company in Panama paid the correct amount of tax. The far more important question is how so many public officials in so many governments managed to accumulate so much money.. . . .

The mistake now would be to narrow the focus prematurely, zeroing in on tax avoidance that is a hobbyhorse of the political class but in this case is a distraction. The real news here are the incomes and far-flung bank accounts of the political class.

But not just any political class…the body of the article set up exactly whom should be in the crosshairs…

It’s no surprise that the world’s undemocratic and nontransparent regimes figure prominently in the Panama Papers. . . .


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