“100% of the Constitution 100% of the time” – Gotta love TMOT!

Libertarians might balk at this statement. After all, the Constitution gives the federal government the right to steal (Taxation is Theft!) and kill, and failed to restrain that government from overstepping the boundaries set up to contain those powers. As an anarcho-capitalist, I have concluded that no piece of paper can contain an entity that (more…)

GOP Rules & Libertarian Party in the Crosshairs…

I have believed that Donald Trump’s campaign was an inside job ever since his initial comments about Hispanic immigrants gained traction by an obviously manipulated story about a woman shot on a pier in San Francisco as well as a ridiculous story about El Chapo (likely a psyop in himself) angrily tweeting at The Donald (more…)

What Everyone Missed About the NC Bathroom Law (Including Me!)

Update (12/9/16): Since the first minute I heard of Georgia’s religious-freedom bill, I figured it was a trap. Get everyone riled up about another southern state showing its prejudice and get the national populace, or maybe even the federal government, to make sure that no one anywhere is permitted to enact anything so offensive. As (more…)

Paul Ryan Is Just Another Establishment Neo-Con…

Despite all the histrionics coming from the Republican Party, Paul Ryan doesn’t bridge the gaps between Neo-conservatives, Tea Partiers & Libertarians. I even suspect the big story, “Kevin McCarthy’s Benghazi gaffe roils House speaker race,” was deliberately rolled out by the Establishment to position Paul Ryan as a reluctant hero who can make extraordinary demands (more…)

Emailgate: The only 2 things I find interesting about Hillary’s emails…

Apparently, Hillary is coming under pressure for using a (kind of) personal email account for State Department business. Given that David Petraeus, the HEAD OF THE CIA, used all the tricks in the book to keep his emails secret, yet they were splashed all over the front page of every newspaper in the country, as (more…)