Ron Paul with Monica Perez (podcast of October 22, 2016 show)

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Show notes…

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Propaganda Report Episode 3: American Right ==> Alt Right ==> European Right (Podcast and Video!)

I tried to show this during the video but it got cut off.

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Two corrections: (at marker 26:55) Stalin & Hitler didn’t like each other in the end (they liked each in the beginning); (at marker 29:47) Irving Kristol partnered up with Norman Podhoretz, not his son John.

Show notes….

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The Propaganda Report w/ Perez & Binkley – this week’s podcast!


barry_goldwater_on_trilateral_commissionThank you very much Brad Binkley for putting together a great podcast in lieu of this week’s show on WSB which is preempted for UGA football (Go Dawgs!!) The sound quality is not perfect (sorry, my bad)–it will be next time 🙂

We discuss TPP, Hillary’s Neo-Con Coming Out Speech, Trump & the Mob, Soros/BLM/Dallas, Colin Kaepernick & More!!! (I have a half a video that goes with this but I’m not sure we can get it to work…check back next week if you’re interested.)


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Show notes (links to references made on the show)…

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Alt Right or Alt Wrong? Podcast of Aug 27 2016 show


This week’s podcast on youtube 🙂

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Hour 2

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This is a good time for a RedSilverJ video 🙂

Who Would Win in a Fight, the Police State or the Second Amendment? Podcast of August 20, 2016 Show

Protesters Demonstrate During The Republican National Convention
TAMPA, FL – AUGUST 27: Law enforcement officers block a downtown street during a protest on August 27, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. The demonstration was being held just before of the start of the Republican’s nominating convention which will hold its first session on August 28. The convention was scheduled to start on August 27 but was pushed back one day as Tropical Storm Isaac threatens to hit the Tampa area. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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Hour 2

Hour 3

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Second Amendment Gap

Show tease: Divide & Conquer

Johnson/Weld: Libertarian Light (podcast of August 13, 2016 show)


Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

More from the Great Harry Browne

Weld Interview below (sparking the quote from BR: “Why is this guy on the ticket?”)

CNN – Anderson Cooper-hosted Libertarian Town Hall

As mentioned on the air:

What if ISIS is not what it appears to be?

Two libertarians on different sides of the abortion issue:

Crime rates hit new lows (rarely ever cited is the impact of stronger gun rights at state levels, but other factors also play in as discussed in the article below.)

US crime rate at lowest point in decades. Why America is safer now.

You can also listen to this week’s show on YouTube…