Heroin Rising On Cue

In my notes from February 2015, I wrote this under the heading Drug War 2.0:

If they legalize pot but still want to fund black ops they need to ramp up opium.

Then on my January 2016 show, The Year Ahead, the first prediction I made was this (starting at around 5:00 in hour 1):

I began to suspect that we might have a shift towards emphasizing heroin when I saw that George Soros was behind the legal pot movement…Obviously the establishment is sanctioning this trend in the different states for pot to be legal and that got me puzzling, because I read somewhere that 70% of the illegal drug trade is pot. (Now it’s hard to get the real stats.) And at the same time I have read plenty about how the illegal drug trade does fund black ops—CIA operations that can’t get Congressional funding–the most famous example of which is Iran-Contra…I thought the pot being legal has to be replaced by something else like heroin, which by the way has grown tremendously more now in Afghanistan since we took over from the Taliban than before…Or if the black ops money doesn’t get replaced then maybe the funding structure will be different, so the CIA will take a back seat and the NSA will do some of that stuff because the NSA gets funded directly. So I just feel like the heroin thing has a much bigger backstory than you’re gonna think, and it will be in the news more–kind of like free advertising…I think we will hear more of that [story] as the year progresses.

As I’ve noted before (see The Ferguson Effect), I’m not saying predicting an outcome is proof of causation, but it certainly supports the proposed thesis. My thesis in all these cases is the same: these are not unintended consequences, but foreseeable consequences that are either inevitable or intentional. So forgive me if I differ with Don Winslow, who, in one of this week’s WSJ Notable & Quotable, offers a “free market” explanation for the reported rise of heroin coinciding with the legalization of pot…

Notable & Quotable: How Marijuana Begat Heroin
‘Looking at the American drug market as it existed, Guzmán and his partners saw an opportunity.’

The article starts:

Okay, I’m going to say it: The heroin epidemic was caused by the legalization of marijuana.

Not too far off–I would say, “The heroin epidemic was caused by the same people who arranged for the legalization of marijuana.”

Weed was a major profit center for [the dominant cartel in Mexico, the Sinaloa], but suddenly they couldn’t compete against a superior American product that also had drastically lower transportation and security costs.

In a single year, the cartel suffered a 40 percent drop in marijuana sales, representing billions of dollars. Mexican marijuana became an almost worthless product. . . . Once-vast fields in Durango now lie fallow.

According to Winslow, in a move of “classic market economics,” Sinaloa decided to undercut pharmaceutical pricing on opiods by leveraging “some of the best poppy fields in the world.” But it was US government policy that provided the underserved market Sinaloa needed to make up lost pot revenue:

FOX Deliberately Went Easy On Obama

In August 2011, when I first read The Washington Times article, “Was CIA behind Operation Fast & Furious?,” by Robert Farago and Ralph Dixon, I was waiting on the edge of my seat for the scandal to ignite in the media, at least on the right. From arming the Sinaloa drug cartel, to laundering money for them and allowing their drugs in the country, to attempting a cover-up, the Obama administration was overseeing nefarious activity with all the makings of an Iran-Contra and Watergate combined. When the scandal failed to explode, I started to smell a rat. At first I figured the Republicans were neutered because the roots of the overarching Project Gunrunner reached back into the Bush Administration, but when the media, particularly The Wall Street Journal and FOX News, failed adequately to elucidate the clear distinctions between Bush’s operations and Obama’s and failed to expose Operation Fast & Furious for all that it was, I started to believe the fix was in.
As I saw Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder lie to the Senate then lie about lying then get caught in both lies,

Finally! Operation Fast & Furious Is Making the Headlines!

I have been saying since October that Operation Fast & Furious was Obama’s Iran-Contra and have been speculating as to why it was not front page news every day. Finally it is front page news as Attorney General Eric Holder is cited for contempt of Congress even after President Obama tried to shield him behind (more…)

It's Just a Turf War! On & About This Week's Show

Presidential Campaign
I gave up awhile ago on the notion that Democrats vs. Republicans was a battle between social democracy on one side and free market capitalism on the other. Having witnessed the great compromise in which both parties have come together in a Liberal-Fascist Center, I realize that yes, there is a battle between the two parties, but it is one over turf rather than ideology. It reminds me more of the Genoveses vs. the Gambinos than a representative government.
This total acceptance that the politicians are like mobsters and us voters are schlubs there for the shakedown makes it almost impossible for me to even listen to politicians’ BS stump speeches anymore, but I couldn’t resist tuning in to the latest Joe Biden Show. I played the audio Saturday night, but here you can see the fire in his eyes (must have taken a lot of practicing in the mirror to get “resentment” just right.)
Can you believe this guy? He’s telling middle class Ohoians he understands them by telling them he wants them to buy a house and go to college. Sorry, Uncle Joe, they fell for that one already! Now their houses are underwater and their grown kids are back at home. The American Dream is NOT a mortgage and a school loan!
The real Joe Biden said this recently at a Democratic fundraiser where he was sucking up to former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley: ”I never had an interest in being a mayor ’cause that’s a real job. You have to produce. That’s why I was able to be a senator for 36 years.” It’s funny ’cause it’s true! Biden was elected senator at the age of 29 and never looked back!

End the Drug War: On & About This Week's Show

I was joined in studio by Jay Fisher of LEAP–Law Enforcement Against Prohibition–that’s right! Cops, prosecutors and others in the field of law enforcement who are fed up with the Drug War have banded together to spread the word: The Drug War is a lost cause. Here’s a good short video by LEAP that introduces the subject of legalizing drugs from a few of the many law enforcement agents in the organization:
Many have concluded that the Drug War is a lost cause, but as with so many lost causes I have observed (the coercive, monopoly form of government for starters), they are lost because they are wrong and unnecessary, not because evil prevails.
Violence Is Caused by the Drug War NOT by Drug Use
The fact is, the extreme violence surrounding drugs is purely a result of the Drug War and not drug use.

Clark Howard, Hookers and Operation Fast & Furious: On & About This Week's Show

Clark Howard Stopped By the Studio!
What a great show! I was truly honored by a visit from WSB star, Clark Howard.  My hour with Clark was the most fun I’ve ever had on the radio.  If you missed it, you can check out show archives on wsbradio.com.  At first I thought Clark was annoyed that I was destroying the planet with incandescent light bulbs but really he was just giving me his!  He insists that the new light bulbs save money in year one and that they’re worth having for economic reasons alone.  I found that argument pretty persuasive.  And just for the record…It’s NOT that I want to destroy the planet,

Where Does Eric Holder Get Off?

I have been fascinated by the grotesque disregard for human life the ATF showed in executing Operation Fast & Furious, and am further amazed that this is not blowing up like Iran-Contra. I read the Wall Street Journal cover to cover each day and rarely see even a mention of this shocking scandal. What’s worse is the self-righteous arrogance with which Attorney General Eric Holder treats Congress–it’s downright shocking! The media has the power to expose this sick operation but simply is not making it a top story.

Is Operation Fast & Furious Obama's Iran-Contra?

I think there’s much more to Operation Fast & Furious than we’ve heard about so far. Will it bring down Eric Holder? How about Obama? Listen to my take on the developing story: Monica Perez Fast and Furious And here are links to two more sources of ongoing information on Operation Fast & Furious: Judicial (more…)