Parallels in this “Unprecedented Election Year”

I can’t help but notice there are numerous parallels between the Republicans and the Democrats this election cycle even though all anyone can say it seems is that “this never happened before”….here are a few of the parallels… Hillary’s opposition on both sides of the aisle, Bernie and Trump, are 70 or over This is (more…)

This Is How the WSJ Covered the Ken Starr Story…

Baylor Plans to Fire Art Briles, Demotes Ken Starr Over Scandal University also places athletic director on probation as investigation finds handling of sexual assault complaints was ‘wholly inadequate’ Kenneth Starr, whose vigorous prosecution led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, was forced out as president of Baylor University Thursday amid allegations he turned a blind (more…)

GOP Rules & Libertarian Party in the Crosshairs…

I have believed that Donald Trump’s campaign was an inside job ever since his initial comments about Hispanic immigrants gained traction by an obviously manipulated story about a woman shot on a pier in San Francisco as well as a ridiculous story about El Chapo (likely a psyop in himself) angrily tweeting at The Donald (more…)

Ken Starr, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Ken Starr, Bill Clinton…

I wasn’t very political engaged back when the Clintons’ were in office the first time & didn’t follow the blow-by-blow of Ken Starr’s investigations into White Water, Vince Foster’s death and the Monica Lewinsky scandal, so I didn’t really form an opinion of Starr. I can’t seem to help but to form one now, however, (more…)

“A Cautionary Tale” Courtesy of “Decent Conservatives”

As I laid out in this week’s show, my fear is that Donald Trump, who is not being vetted by the Republican primary process–at least not before it’s too late, will be thoroughly vetted by the Clinton Machine. The result could well be both a Hillary presidency and an object lesson in straying from the (more…)

All Aboard!!!! Podcast of February 27, 2016 Show

As I lay out in this week’s show, my fear is that Trump is not being vetted by the Republican primary process but will be by the Clinton Machine. The result could well be both a Hillary presidency and an object lesson in straying from the establishment. As always, I do not chalk this up (more…)

Is my #1 prediction for 2016 coming true already?



In my first show of the year, I came up with some bold predictions and some not-so-bold predictions. I didn’t get through every last word of them on the air, so I decided to pare down my notes and post them for easy access. (Yes, this is pared down!) Given my number one prediction: “Trump crashes, Cruz rises, JEB steals super Tuesday,” I was particularly motivated to post my list when I saw today’s Wall Street Journal headline “Cruz Vaults Past Trump in Iowa.” Could be Trump is on his way to crashing, and Cruz is obviously rising, but will JEB steal Super Tuesday? That brings up a question I hadn’t thought of a month ago…

Does Super Tuesday even matter anymore? The rules changes in the Republican primary process means that all primaries and caucuses before March 15 (except South Carolina) will award delegates proportionally to their vote percentages, so this could be a neck-and-neck–and-neck! race for another month or so. Even New Hampshire might not be a must-win-or-place contest as it once was. From what I can tell, no one–Democrat or Republican–has ever been nominated who hasn’t won first or second in New Hampshire, but I think if JEB takes third place (or even fourth!) he might break that rule. (Perhaps I should modify my “JEB steals super Tuesday” to “JEB surprises in New Hampshire”–not as much pizzazz, but let’s just say, JEB’s trajectory is about to change–that is, if I’m at all correct in my extremely cynical suspicion that this is all a bit manipulated…)

Top Ten Predictions for 2016

  1. BIG Election Surprise
    1. BOLD prediction…Trump crashes, Cruz rises, JEB steals super Tuesday