Libertarian Dissonance (new glossary entry)

As a hardcore anarchocapitalist, I have always disagreed with Thomas Jefferson and felt that rights are indeed alienable if you so choose to alienate them–freedom rules! But there are some cases where the State exploits the bargain we supposedly struck in the Constitution and does an end-run around a fundamental right. In both of my (more…)

The Alice Walker Paradox

Alice Walker is a black woman author and activist, widely beloved and respected for her life and her work–until she praised David Icke, that is. Then she was widely criticized as being anti-semitic and crazy, to the point where quoting her iconic work, The Color Purple, was in itself an act of anti-semitism (see Dem (more…)

Taint Agent (glossary entry)

Remember when Piers Morgan took what ended up to be basically his last stand in America by advocating for gun control in the wake of the-event-that-shall-not-be-named? (That event got my wordpress site canceled!) I recall Piers speaking to Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America. Pratt eats his lunch. (You can see clips of this (more…)

Ethical Glass Ceiling

“Ethical Glass Ceiling: is a term my sister coined to mean the point at which an actor (as in, a person taking action) stops asking the question “Is this an okay thing to do?” because he has arrived at a plausible answer that justifies taking the action that most benefits him or his organization (or (more…)

Vaxist & MK Apartheid (glossary double header)

A vaxist is someone who judges another’s character based on their CoViD-19 vaccine status. This is real but also gives rise to the perception of vaxism where there is none. “Was that nurse a bitch cause she’s a bitch? or was she a bitch because I’m not vaxxed”….and it goes from there. Welcome to Apartheid! (more…)

New Glossary Entry: The AstraZeneca Effect

The AstraZeneca Effect describes the impact of the AstraZeneca CoViD Vaccine trials. The earliest “variants of concern” occurred in and only in the places where AstraZeneca did their trials: AstraZeneca did their initial trials in the UK, Brazil, South Africa & India The World Health Organizations initial variants of concern, alpha, beta, gamma & delta (more…)

Glossary Term: Frontier Parenting

Truly we are on a new frontier–tech, surveillance, censorship, terrorism (however you define it!)…we don’t know the impact electronic devices will have on our kids, we don’t know what they’re watching, with whom they are communicating…we don’t know what their future world will look like – will they even need to know how to drive? (more…)

New Glossary Entries

Weinstein Paradox When the scandal broke about Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch and many, many incidences of sexual harassment, it also came out that dozens or even hundreds of people knew about it but stories were spiked, people silenced and a general atmosphere of don’t-ask-don’t-tell existed from coast to coast to keep his secret a secret. (more…)

Resistance-Grade Weaponry (new glossary entry)

On my most recent show (which aired on WSB on Saturday, October 14, 2017, and will be posted as Propaganda Report Episode 73 at, I coined the term “Resistance-Grade Weaponry” to mean long guns, fast guns, big guns, even body armor–in other words, anything that would actually aid the people in resisting tyranny. Tellingly, (more…)

Pecuniary Philosophy (glossary entry)

I heard Joe Atwill & Tim Kelly use this expression on their podcast Powers & Principalities and from what I gathered it means the idea that everything is about money, materialism, consumption, and that this philosophy has been the underlying value system for the United States if not the Western World for a century or (more…)