Glossary Term: Frontier Parenting

Truly we are on a new frontier–tech, surveillance, censorship, terrorism (however you define it!)…we don’t know the impact electronic devices will have on our kids, we don’t know what they’re watching, with whom they are communicating…we don’t know what their future world will look like – will they even need to know how to drive? How can we help them protect their health as plants now include animal genes and plastics and teflon (not to mention chemicals designed to kill plants and animals alike!) touch all of their food…as dialectics replace founding principles and all their books (and much more!) could disappear the moment the grid goes down…

How do we prepare our children to be safe, happy, good, strong, loving, principled, successful, generous, trusting, trustworthy, creative people, and everything else we want and hope for them, when we have no experience or understanding of the very different world they will face–face already–from the world we grew up in or our parents before us–which in turn was too different for many of them to really help us through this Age of Upheaval.

It’s daunting parenting here on the frontier….

Not the first time the Journal fawns over a totalitarian dictatorship: “Authoritarianism Is China’s Edge in AI”

Time and time again, I have seen The Wall Street Journal explain that the reason Russia and China are so together and are such a big threat to us is that they have the luxury of being totalitarian dictatorships that can get ‘er done without the fussy inconvenience of individual liberty or consensual government. Well, the Journal is at it again, but this time they are behind the times…the CIA’s InQTel venture capital firm is ALL OVER AI! (Who’s the authoritarian dictatorship now, huh?)

Here’s the article from yesterday’s Journal that triggered me…the title in the print edition was merely, Authoritarianism Is China’s Edge in AI–but they really spoonfeed it to you right up top on-line which included an in-your-face subtitle:

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Update from Garland @voterga

Senators Reject ‘New Wave’ Unverifiable Voting Systems

February 24, 2018 Contact: Garland Favorito
(404) 664-4044

Senators Reject ‘New Wave’ Unverifiable Voting Systems

ATLANTA GA – The Georgia Senate took its first major steps to move toward voter-marked paper ballots on Thursday. The Ethics Committee voted to abandon both unverifiable electronic voting and “new wave” technology that counts votes in computer-generated barcodes rather than human-readable marks. In a landmark decision during a Senate Bill SB403 hearing, the committee voted unanimously to require any future ballot marking devices used in Georgia to produce voter verifiable and readable marks that are tabulated for results.
Some ballot marking devices employ a touchscreen to create bar coded selections
of voter choices that are interpreted internally by a scanner and accumulated when the votes are cast. The unverifiable bar code technology, promoted by certain vendors and the office of the Secretary of State, enables a “new wave” of hacking possibilities and significant potential for undetectable errors.

At the hearing, Senator Michael Williams proposed a VoterGa recommended language change requiring scanners to tabulate only human readable and voter verifiable marks from any ballot marking devices that may be employed in the future. The committee passed his amendment unanimously.

SB403 sponsored by Senator Bruce Thompson, requires the Secretary of State to begin the process to replace Georgia’s unverifiable voting equipment. The bill also passed the committee unanimously on Thursday after being amended.

Lobbyists for at least one voting system vendor have claimed that language requiring verifiable ballot marks would eliminate them from the future bid process. However, two of the state’s long time election integrity advocates, John Fortuin and Garland Favorito testified they believe the motive behind such a claim is just to sell Georgia much more expensive equipment. They contend all vendors who demonstrated systems in a House Science and Technology hearing last year can also offer Georgia cost effective, verifiable voting systems that they have already installed successfully in other states.
Some vendor lobbyists may continue their push to sell unverifiable voting systems since Georgia election law is complicated, somewhat redundant and prone to loopholes. House bill HB848 that is similar to SB403 but does not have the same voter protections, is expected to receive a hearing in the Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

The Episode YouTube Banned: Take a Listen – Do You Think I’m Bullying The Sheriff?

Yet another school shooting gets instantly politicized and while the left and the right argue the same talking points, many are wondering what really happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and why. We analyze some of the Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s statements, including his desire for the power to detain people over social media posts…involuntarily. We also play former CIA and FBI agent Philip Mudd’s fake crying, tangental rant as well as one of his classic’s “I’m a proud s-holer!”

Alert: Hearings Wed 2/21 and Thur. 2/22 pm on unverifiable voting bills

From Garland Favarito

VoterGA supporters,

There will be a Senate Ethics Committee Meeting on Thursday February 22, 2018 at 3:00pm in Room 307 CLOB to hear SB403.

There will also be a House Governmental Affairs Committee Meeting on Wednesday February 21, 2018 at 2:00pm in Room 406 CLOB apparently to hear HB848 however the bill number has not been published. If HB848 is not being heard we will meet at Room 406 and then lobby the Senators concerning SB403 in advance of Thursday’s meeting.

No legislation is needed to replace our current unverifiable voting system with optical scan equipment. Local and national election integrity advocates have decided to oppose these bills unless some of the changes that we have recommended weeks ago are incorporated. The bills have nearly identical language that was expected to be good because they required the secretary to begin process to replace our current unverifiable voting equipment. However, both bills require the current Secretary of State to immediately initiate a bid process without gathering county requirements, cyber security recommendations or public input. They require a fixed bid statewide contract for a single vendor without evaluating advantages and disadvantages of decentralized equipment and processes. Theyy also require the current Secretary of State to negotiate terms of the contract before he leaves office at the end of the year. The new Secretary of State, who takes office in January, is then left to implement the voting machines although the new Secretary of State had nothing to do with the negotiations and selection of the equipment.  In addition, the bills dropped the language in HB680 to properly define a ballot so the under the new bills the Secretary of State can acquire ballot marking devices that produce unverifiable bar codes which are scanned and tabulated instead of the votes that the voter marked. For these reasons and many more we OPPOSE these bills at this time and need to escalate our lobbying efforts. Please try to attend these sessions if possible.

Thank you


404 664-4044

New Glossary Entries

weinstein hillaryWeinstein Paradox
When the scandal broke about Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch and many, many incidences of sexual harassment, it also came out that dozens or even hundreds of people knew about it but stories were spiked, people silenced and a general atmosphere of don’t-ask-don’t-tell existed from coast to coast to keep his secret a secret. The power structure wins out! So why, I have to wonder, do millions of people accept this narrative yet deny very well-documented conspiracies from JFK to 9/11 under the argument that “someone would have talked” or that “that many people can’t keep a secret?” (Nevermind the fact that the Manhattan Project was a secret kept by over one hundred thousand people during the War, or the fact that five million people are reported to have government security clearance a la Edward Snowden–that’s a lot of secret-keepers!) It’s a paradox.

Shooting Star Families
My heart bleeds for Gold Star Families–families who have lost servicemen and women during their service. My heart bleeds for them because they have lost their best but also in part because of the deception and exploitation underlying all of our military action today and perhaps most if not all in our past. Their deaths-many of them-were not for the good. Although the idea of comparing these deaths with drug overdoses seems fundamentally wrong because druggies kill themselves, there is a certain similarity in that the Drug War, which is at the heart of these deaths (see my article about Hoffman v Halsted), is also based on government deception and exploitation, so I am going to go ahead and coin the term Shooting Star Family (actually, it was my brother George’s idea upon the overdose death of my sister Rosemary in 2017).

Normalcy Bias
The phenomenon by which most people will accept an explanation that seems normal over one that seems extraordinary despite where the evidence may point.

Identity Privilege
The goal and sometime reality where having a particular identity (ostensibly one that has suffered discrimination in the past) is the basis for getting preference, priority or privilege, presumably as restitution for past wrongs against members of the group. This is a fundamentally collectivist mentality I reject (justice should be meted out for and against individuals not interchangeably among members of a group), but I also reject the problem of ignoring basic principles of equality–this allows the pendulum to swing from oppression-privilege to privilege-oppression rather than to true justice for all time.

Lovejoy’s Law
When all other policy arguments fail, resort to “It’s for the children!” or “What about the children?!” Reminds me of when someone is losing an interventionist foreign policy argument and resorts to “But Nazis!” or “Because Hitler!”

Greasetrap = Scapegoat
Classically speaking, a scapegoat is an animal upon which all the sins of the community have been deposited and then it is ritually killed. That term seems to have morphed into an innocent person taking the blame for the sins of others. I coined “greasetrap” to mean the classic sense of scapegoat–a vessel into which sins are poured then emptied and the larger body cleansed. An example of this is to call the deep state “Obama Holdovers”–as if once that crowd is cleaned out there will be no more deep state. Ha ha ha.

Controlled Crisis
I was inspired to coin this term when Binkley discovered that the Atlanta I85 bridge collapse in 2016 was likely a disaster-readiness drill! Seems that the government actors who planned this felt justified in doing so as part of their jobs to be ready for any eventuality.


New Feature #ReadMyTwips

I just started a new feature at in which I post in one place all my tweets of the day – at least all of the ones with original insights into the day’s headlines…if you’re interested in getting this in your inbox, go to and in the right hand column click sign up for the blog and sign up for emails. If you do, you will get a notification of the new posts daily.

Here’s an example:

Voting Transparency Concern in Roy Moore Election

BULLETIN                                                                           By: Garland Favorito

December 15, 2017                                                                                          


Alabama SOS Blocks Preserving Digital Ballots for Senate Race


MONTGOMERY, AL –National election integrity advocates are intrigued as to how Roy Moore could have been leading Doug Jones 53-45% with 65% of the votes cast and then lose the election by 50-48%. That is a 10% point total swing in the last 35% of the votes counted. Many TV viewers were unaware of the lead after C-SPAN cancelled its election coverage up until the time that Doug Jones was announced the winner. The turnabout may be attributed to late returns from Birmingham, Mobile and Montgomery favoring Jones but citizens will not be able to examine digital ballot images to find out.


Secretary of State John Merrill moved in the Alabama Supreme Court to dismiss and stay a lower court order that required digital ballot images to be preserved for elections. The digital ballot images are created from scanned paper ballots and are used to electronically count about 80% of Alabama’s votes. The order required counties to flip a switch on their machines so that a digital image of each voter ballot would be preserved.


Alabama citizens led by Audit USA’s John Brakey and Attorney Chris Sautter filed the suit and the lower court decision was immediately praised by election transparency advocates throughout the country. But Merrill filed an ExParte motion to the Supreme Court without the Plaintiff’s knowledge and the court ruled to stay the decision so that the preservation ruling for the Senate race on Tuesday. The court did not rule to dismiss the case though.

Digital ballot preservation has been an issue in Alabama since the 2002 gubernatorial election between Done Siegelman and Bob Riley. Don Siegelman thought he had won until Baldwin County changed their vote totals after 11pm and reduced his 19,000+ vote count to about 12,000. When that gave Riley a 3,000 vote margin, Siegelman asked for a hand recount of the paper ballots in Baldwin County. But the county election board certified the results the morning after the election and former Attorney General William Pryor stated that the ballots had to be sealed and only opened under a court order.

Pryor was later appointed to the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and is now under consideration by President Donald Trump as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Siegelman never filed suit to see the ballots but the Bush administration later opened investigations to criminally prosecute Siegelman for unrelated fraud. when they eventually obtained a conviction, over 100 government attorneys complained in writing to the U.S. Justice Dept. that his cases were maliciously prosecuted. Judge U.W. Clemon, who received his first case, wrote that: “The 2004 prosecution of Mr. Siegelman in the Northern District of Alabama was the most unfounded criminal case over which I presided in my entire judicial career.”



I try always to remember JFK’s assassination. I consider that to be the moment the Deep State gained control of this country–the point of no return. I don’t claim I would have voted for JFK or that I think he was an outsider or some paragon of virtue, I just think he stood in the way of the Deep State and they took him out. I could say the same for Nixon via Watergate, or even for Ford & Reagan when they were subject to assassination attempts–not outsiders, but the Deep State preferred their VPs to them perhaps.

I have published a few posts over the years in memory of JFK. Here they are…

Last year:
In Honor of the Anniversary of JFK’s Death
In honor of JFK’s birthday…
The Innocence of Oswald (book review)


Here’s an oldie–I was not so far down the rabbit hole back then but I was getting warmer!
CFR ==> CIA ==> JFK ==> Podcast of November 24, 2013 Show

And here is something new…

MARY'S MOSAIC: Mary Pinchot Meyer & John F. Kennedy and Their Vision for World Peace
3 of 5 stars
Good book about the killing of JFK’s last mistress, Mary’s Mosaic…convincing arguments that the CIA was in on it, written by the son of a CIA man and a friend of Mary’s family – whose husband incidentally was also a CIA agent. The most interesting thing in the book was that James Jesus Angleton supposedly said that the movie Executive Action was an accurate account of JFK’s assassination. Check it out here. (Mary’s husband, incidentally, was Cord Meyer, head of Operation Mockingbird. Janney also mentions that Cord had worked for world government and planned to lead it before he realized it was a lost cause.)