Dialectical Lemonade: The MAGA Hat Kids

Like everyone else who listens to any amount of mainstream media on a regular basis, I heard the story of the racist kids from Kentucky wearing Make America Great Again hats and taunting a tribal elder in DC at the Women’s March. I tuned it out as a psyop immediately for numerous reasons. With stories like this I am often reminded of the scene in The Mission where the cardinal, about to order devastation upon the Indians in Paraguay, is rightly troubled by what he is set to do. His aide tries to comfort him by saying, “The world is thus, Your Excellency.” The cardinal replies, “Thus have we made the world.” Reports of obnoxious and overtly racist kids crashing the Women’s March wearing MAGA hats and attacking Native Americans are meant to convince us, “The world is thus.” I see how inorganically these incidents (to the extent they are ever accurately reported) have emerged and I think, “Thus have we made the world–are we making the world.” And I refuse to participate by engaging in the dialectical bait even intellectually. But the story did end up engaging me in the end….

At first the dialectic was “privileged white racist Trump supporting teenage boys menace peaceful Native American elder engaging in a call to prayer.” Not much of a dialectic really–who’s on the other side of that? The boys are not sympathetic–a dialectic has to have adherents on both sides to drive toward a pre-planned solution. (The dialectic is simply understood as Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis or Problem-Reaction-Solution.) This wasn’t really a dialectic, just another pulse in the “Trump’s America Is a Racist America” meme. But then something strange happened. As other videos emerged, it became clear that the story offered by the Native American, Nathan Phillips, and his supporters, was false, and the media had accepted their narrative of this out-of-context moment with very little to go on but bias. No matter…as Saul Alinsky advised, if your original goal isn’t achieved, take the outcome as it is and turn it toward your own interests anyway. That is, you get lemons? Make lemonade.

And so it was done…

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Black & Blue in America: podcast July 9 2016 show

This is a picture from the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere of the Dallas cops during the shooting. What is the orange thing on the gun of the third officer from the left? Some controversy surrounds this. (I couldn’t help but be struck by how Annie Leibovitz this photo looks…very well balanced.)

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Homework assignment…please watch this video before the show tomorrow….

I’ve mostly ignored what’s been happening in Ferguson because, like the George Zimmerman trial, I feel the incident was used to manipulate us and to divide us. I intended to do the same with the Eric Garner protests, particularly after I saw the protesters holding up pre-printed signs – that’s just too overproduced for me to take seriously. (When I and tens of thousands of others protested Obamacare in DC, I spent hours making signs as did thousands of others – I don’t recall any pre-printed signs – I’m sure there were plenty of them given the long lead time to the rally, but I just remember being surrounded by poster boards just like mine and thinking of how many man hours went into each one.) However, after I read that Eric Garner was the “Loosie King of Staten Island,” I had to see for myself what happened.

I am, like many libertarians, horrified by the very idea of a 100%+ tax on anything for the purposes of controlling behavior and to generate revenue to be used to support a state that does more harm than good. After seeing the video, I have a lot to say about it – Garner’s behavior, the cops’ behavior, the underlying alleged crime, the race issue, government and media coverage, etc., so I’ll be leading off the show tomorrow with this story and would love it if you would check out the video. It’s embedded in this video from The Advise Show, which I never heard of before and didn’t even listen to, so I’m not highlighting the commentary, I just watched the video from 1:00 to 5:26 to see the actual footage of the incident.

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