Has Your Town Adopted the International Property Maintenance Code?

Ever since Michael called into the show yesterday telling us how John’s Creek implemented this International Property Maintenance Code I’ve been getting messages from all over complaining about the same…how on earth could one-code-fit-all?

Here are other model codes developed by the International Code Council

  • International Building Code
  • International Energy Conservation Code
  • International Existing Building Code
  • International Fire Code
  • International Fuel Gas Code
  • International Green Construction Code
  • International Mechanical Code
  • ICC Performance Code
  • International Plumbing Code
  • International Private Sewage Disposal Code
  • International Property Maintenance Code
  • International Residential Code
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
  • International Wildland Urban Interface Code
  • International Zoning Code

This is all about the United Nations and our march toward world government. Atlanta is knee-deep in this stuff from being a Sustainable City a la ICLEI to being on the International Steering Committee of the Strong Cities Network, our local governments are serving all the UN Agendas from Agenda 21 to Agenda 2030 with the ultimate goal as laid out in the UN’s Habitat I plan of eliminating private ownership of land.

I told Michael and I think it’s a good idea that we consider transforming our idea of self-governance from watching Fox News and voting, to spending several hours per week on local government issues including putting together groups of citizens dedicated to attending any and all governmental meetings. What else can we do?

Coincidentally, I just watched this video and think maybe this guy’s organization is a good place to start….



THE GEORGIA PRIMARY IS TOMORROW! podcast of 5/21/16 show & MORE

My two favorite liberty-loving Republicans, Catherine Bernard & Derrick Grayson (aka TMOT)
Hour 1

Hour 2

Find your ballot and check out the candidates ahead of time at vote-ga.org.

Two candidates I have followed over the past few years and who I think have strong principles & the courage of their convictions, are self-described “liberty-loving Republicans,” Catherine Bernard (running for a State House seat in HD80–Brookhaven & beyond) and Derrick Grayson (aka TMOT…running against Johnny Isakson). If you want to hear these guys on my show, these are the podcasts (both come on in the second half of the last hour):

Catherine Bernard

Derrick Grayson

I would love to send Isakson a message and we can all do that by voting for Derrick, but we can’t all vote for Catherine – only those in HD80…but if you can please do–if Catherine gets in, she will keep an eye on the legislature for us and let us know what they’re up to–she can keep me informed and I can keep you informed.


Also, I was disgusted by Cobb Chairman Tim Lee’s support of TSPLOST and horrified by his dark-of-night maneuverings over the Braves Stadium…Larry Savage fought back on that and is running against Lee…so if you’re in Cobb, check out Larry.

Georgia GOP Primary May 24…

The Georgia GOP primary is coming up…May 24…this primary is probably more important for Georgia than the presidential primary…many local issues are within our control…

Which ones are most important to you?

Should we talk about this on the show this Saturday?

A few i care about are:

Atlanta being on the cutting edge of things like ICLEI Sustainable Cities & UN’s Strong Cities Network…these are Agenda 21-type programs I don’t want my city involved in much less my tax dollars paying for…

I also worry about things I’ve heard in the news recently from police chasing drunk drivers to SWAT raids leading to fatalities…these are not rogue cops, these are policies and protocols they are required to adhere to…our legislators and elected officials are responsible for these and seem to be headed in the wrong direction…

….And…..two of my favorite liberty-loving Georgia activists are on the ballot…to learn more about them, click on their websites…

Derrick Grayson for US Senate http://www.grayson2016.com/

Catherine Bernard for State House Representative District 80 http://votecatherine.com/

and be sure to LOOK AT YOUR BALLOT AHEAD OF TIME! enter your address here….

The Innocence of Oswald: Book Review

The great Dave Baker recommended to me a book written by Gary Fannin, a local author who was recently a guest on Dave’s show on WSB. The book is The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer JD Tippit. I could not put it down. I usually read two or three books at a time, picking them up and putting them down as the mood strikes me, but this book I read straight through from the moment I picked it up.

The Innocence of Oswald isn’t your typical 800 page JFK assassination tome laying out every last detail of political backstory. Usually those books are slogs and only end up attempting to explain that, despite all the intrigue, Oswald was a lone nut who pulled off this (literal) coup on his own and for no reason whatsoever. I have long been unconvinced by that narrative–probably since I was old enough to understand that Oswald said “I’m a patsy,” and soon after was himself assassinated while in police custody–but the truth of what exactly did happen has remained to me uncertain. I have boiled it down to the likelihood that either <<continue reading>>

Please, Make It Stop! Podcast of April 2, 2016 Show

clockwork orange

Hour 1

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Hour 3

Here is my review of The Thin Blue Line.

Also, here is an article by David Friedman making the extremely sensible libertarian argument for treating some crimes as torts–that is, have the victim bring the case against the perpetrator and get some kind of compensation in return.

Here is the Catholic article I referred to…it’s very thorough…

Here is the video preview of the show…


I’ll be on an AFF panel at Hudson Grille on April 26 – You’re Invited!


America‚Äôs Future Foundation Atlanta together with National Review Institute are hosting a book forum to discuss Charles Cooke‘s Conservatarian Manifesto…Can libertarians and conservatives truly join forces or are they just too far apart on the fundamentals?

I’ll be on the panel representing the libertarian position with Mr. Cooke making the case for “conservatarians” and local political activist and radio host Greg Williams representing conservatism.

Please join us on April 26 at the Hudson Grille Midtown Atlanta (942 Peachtree Street) for a beer & wine reception at 6:30 followed by the discussion at 7:30.

All are welcome and admission is free, but spots might fill up, so please register here.

For more information about the event and the other panelists, click here.

For more on America’s Future Foundation, click here.

Guilty verdicts reached for 11 of 12 in APS cheating trial


Guilty verdicts reached for 11 of 12 in APS cheating trial.

Should these people go to jail? Did they do it to defraud the government out of bonus money or was the “pressure to perform” just too intense? Did they harm the kids? How much did the kids lose out but not spending more time in the same failed school that led them to perform so poorly on those tests? I’ll be talking about this case on Saturday as well as my libertarian take on public education. Comment here or call on Saturday 3-6pm ET at 800 WSB TALK.

LAST CHANCE TO STOP HB310…All you need to do is make a single phone call

From Garland Favorite of voterga.org

UPDATE: For live links and videos of the hearing, click here.

The Senate Public Safety Committee passed the HB310 “Big Brother” bill late
Monday afternoon over unanimous objections from the general public who
testified during a grueling double session that was postponed after the
first hour and resulted in all witnesses being forced to return two hours
later. Rep. Alan Powell, who sponsored the bill contended that:
* the bill was simply an “unplugging and replugging” of criminal
defense functions,
* there were no new police powers granted,
* that no issues were raised in the House hearing and
* that recent new opposition was suffering from “paranoia”.
Attorneys Catherine Bernard and Rose McConnell started the unanimous public
opposition with detailed critiques of the bill by refuting these claims. The
session included some heated exchanges after Attorney Catherine Bernard
repeatedly told the committee that Rep. Alan Powell had misrepresented the
bill to the committee and her contention was supported by VoterGA founder,
Garland Favorito, who knew Rep. Powell personally. Powell later complained
to the Committee that Attorney Barnard was merely an indigent defense lawyer
who had called him a liar.

Testimony focused on the massive expansion of power that the governor had
incorporated into the bill even though that power was unnecessary to
implement the criminal justice reforms that the bill contained. This
* The massive expansion of government that is allowable in the bill
(including what could become hundreds of new community supervision units and
thousands of new community supervision employees)
* The potential for a governor to politicize the newly proposed
Department of Community Supervision with centralized decision making and
politically generated contracts rather than the current criminal justice
model that supports more localized control
* Scenarios of how a governor could use the new police powers to
arrest those who disagree with his policies and then to impose sanctions
against them in a new pre-trial release program even though they had never
been convicted of a crime

The Senators had little or no response for the issue of how a Governor could
use his newly defined police powers against political adversaries. Some
Senators implied that since the governor presides over most of the current
departments there would not be a significant risk of politicizing other
aspects of the new Department of Community Supervision. However, Hank
Sullivan of the Lanier Tea Party countered eloquently about how the
centralization and consolidation of locally controlled power and decision
making will lead to the Department of Community Supervision becoming a
political arm of the governor. Some Senators also contended that the
legislature could control the expansion of government through
appropriations, however, that argument lacks credibility. It is based on the
assumption that they would suddenly muster enough courage to challenge the
governor’s demands when they don’t even have enough courage to vote against
the bill now when it is overwhelming opposed by the general public. Former
U.S. Senate candidate Derrick Grayson explained to the committee that this
bill did not benefit the black community despite claims to the contrary and
Dave Rittenhouse closed with an historical analogy entailing similarities
between HB310 and regulations implemented in Nazi Germany prior to World War

Senator Harold Jones was not present for the vote since the meeting was
rescheduled for the exact same time that he had a previously scheduled
Non-Civil Judiciary Committee hearing. All of the remaining Senators who
voted for the “Big Brother” bill were inundated prior to the hearing with
calls and Emails from the general public opposing the bill. Ironically,
Republicans were responsible for passing the bill even though all of the
opposition testimony came from Republicans or Independents. John Albers
voted for the bill after two of his own constituents testified against it.
Michael Williams voted for the bill even though his recent campaign had
benefited from supportive videos made by Nydia Tisdale whose testified
against the bill.

The passage of HB310 is a definitive measure of what is wrong with the
Republican Party. At least three witnesses admonished the Senators that most
of them ran on a limited government platform but were growing the government
dramatically by voting for this bill. Witnesses also explained how the bill
could jeopardize their constituents’ freedom, which they were obligated to
protect. But it was all to no avail. HB310 now moves to the Rules Committee
and will likely receive a floor vote unless Majority Leader David Shafer or
chairman Jeff Mullis, decide not to move the bill this year because of
public opposition. You can contact them and your Senators to voice your
concern either way.

Majority Leader
Sen. David Shafer (404) 656-0048, david.shafer@senate.ga.gov
Rules Chairman
Sen. Jeff Mullis (404) 656-0057, jeff.mullis@senate.ga.gov

Senate List

770 993 3622



Public Safety Committee

Harper, Tyler tyler.harper@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-5263 Chair
Albers, John john.albers@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-4161 Vice Chair
Dugan, Mike mike.dugan@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-7454
Seay, Valencia valencia.seay@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-5095
Williams, Michael michael.williams@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-7127
Watson, Ben ben.watson@senate.ga.gov (404) 656-7880
Jones II, Harold V. harold.jones@senate.ga.gov (404) 463-3942 (not present
for vote)