Has Your Town Adopted the International Property Maintenance Code?

Ever since Michael called into the show yesterday telling us how John’s Creek implemented this International Property Maintenance Code I’ve been getting messages from all over complaining about the same…how on earth could one-code-fit-all? Here are other model codes developed by the International Code Council International Building Code International Energy Conservation Code International Existing Building (more…)

THE GEORGIA PRIMARY IS TOMORROW! podcast of 5/21/16 show & MORE

Hour 1 Hour 2 Find your ballot and check out the candidates ahead of time at vote-ga.org. Two candidates I have followed over the past few years and who I think have strong principles & the courage of their convictions, are self-described “liberty-loving Republicans,” Catherine Bernard (running for a State House seat in HD80–Brookhaven & (more…)

Georgia GOP Primary May 24…

The Georgia GOP primary is coming up…May 24…this primary is probably more important for Georgia than the presidential primary…many local issues are within our control… Which ones are most important to you? Should we talk about this on the show this Saturday? A few i care about are: Atlanta being on the cutting edge of (more…)

Please, Make It Stop! Podcast of April 2, 2016 Show

Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Here is my review of The Thin Blue Line. Also, here is an article by David Friedman making the extremely sensible libertarian argument for treating some crimes as torts–that is, have the victim bring the case against the perpetrator and get some kind of compensation in return. Here is (more…)

I’ll be on an AFF panel at Hudson Grille on April 26 – You’re Invited!

America‚Äôs Future Foundation Atlanta together with National Review Institute are hosting a book forum to discuss Charles Cooke‘s Conservatarian Manifesto…Can libertarians and conservatives truly join forces or are they just too far apart on the fundamentals? I’ll be on the panel representing the libertarian position with Mr. Cooke making the case for “conservatarians” and local (more…)