This is a picture from the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere of the Dallas cops during the shooting. What is the orange thing on the gun of the third officer from the left? Some controversy surrounds this. (I couldn’t help but be struck by how Annie Leibovitz this photo looks…very well balanced.)

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

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Weird time to be LE in Amerika. I see more and more female cops as the role has turned from real blood and guts enforcement to nannies responding to Heroin overdoses and domestic disturbances handing out teddy bears.
Remember the old cop movies when the FBI showed up on the scene the local cops would be furious and demand the feds leave at once. Now when the Bull arrives the cucks cuck.

Show suggestion: Your freedom will be granted if you pay by the mile. Toll roads in Amerika. Self diving cars sponsored by DoNoEvil Goog. Highway camera system that is designed to serval every 1/4 mile because every mile of Amerikan highway is too unsafe. Those pesky Amerikan unfunded liabilities have to be paid somehow. NTSB has already hinted that the future is near.

I’m guessing Red for Dead and Yellow for Mellowed! The cop is holding a gun with a piece above the barrel and in his left holster is a gun with a yellow handle which I suspect is the taser.

NBC IS FOREVER closing ranks w/ the police and covering for them when unarmed innocents are shot. This is an old Conservative tradition. Fox local news affiliates routinely gloss over police lawbreaking. Libertarian icon Murray Rothbard said famously it’s ok for police to torture a suspect for confession, and Conservative radio is famous for blaming blacks, latin americans when they are not burying the subject of illegal police shootings.

Now that illegal police shootings have reached white suburbia – we now have a culture where fear and shock video culture makes the sound byte “news ” even CNN,CBS,PBS FEAR RUSSIA AND TRUMP fake news.

You have heard the recent case of the woman shot for reporting a prowler in her alley way?
I could tell you stories of police misconduct in white suburbia from California and Metro Detroit
going back 30 years.

America is a crummy country if citizens have to live in fear of being shot, arrested, or beaten themselves, when they are merely calling for help or reporting a crime. The police are out of control, and are poorly trained, and acting irresponsibly, often criminally negligent.

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